Can I get a price check?

Today it is chilly enough to get out my new fall coat, a gray peacoat. After the long Indian summer everyone is eager to change their closets to sweaters and corduroy. Proving it, most people on the 2 train this morning are a little too bundled for the temperature in the low 50’s this morning.

I snake my way through the crowd on the train and hang on to the overhead bar. I feel as Sex and the City-sophisticated as I’ll ever get – I’m reading The Atlantic Monthly. My hair is cooperating since the lower humidity has cut me a break. Maybe I’ve even lost a few pounds. A seat opens up and I decline – why sit when you’ve got the confidence only a new outfit can give you?

At the office a co-worker says, “I like your new coat.”

“Thanks,” I reply, a little confused. “How did you know it was new?”

“The price tag is still hanging from your armpit.”


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