Overheard on the Subway, Part 9

On the Brooklyn-bound 2 train, evening commute, a man and woman step into the car. They work together, but hadn’t left the office at the same time.

Woman: Hey, long time no see.

Man, looking distressed, nods at her.

Woman: Tough day?

Man: Yeah. Don’t feel well.

Woman: Sorry to hear it. Same issues?

Man: Can’t shake this pain in my stomach. Have to get a refill on the vicadin.

Woman: Vicadin! You shouldn’t be taking that. You’ll get addicted.

Man, shrugs: If you had pain like this, you’d take it too.

Woman: Seriously stop taking it. It’s addictive. Do you want that?

Man, looks her straight in the eye: I’m a grown man and I’ll take it if I need to.


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