Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back

I had a date this past Thursday. With Microsoft. After about an hour on the phone with Helpdesk we both came to the conclusion that it was me, not him. We parted ways amicably. There are more fish in the sea, right?

Enter Mac – the new guy in town. Or new to me, at least. He’s cool and chic and oh-so sophisticated. But will he be able to fit seemlessly into my life? Will he give me a lot of lip like Microsoft? Will he suck up all of my time with his nonsensical blatherings?  

On Friday I took myself on down to the Apple Store in Soho. For those not-from-round-here, Soho is a neighborhood with a distinct air of being the sexiest kid in school who always appears that he just woke up looking like that and doesn’t care what you think anyway. It should come as no surprise that my best efforts to equal that always ended rather pathetically.

Apple Store, SoHo

Needless to say everything about the store is impossibly cool. The desgin and layout of the store is cool with its glass staircase. The people milling about are laid-back cool. The Mac Geniuses are cool. (Note to self: Request title change at work.) It’s even cool that the store is in a converted post office. If they had a latte bar, I’d never leave.

I’ve been down this road before, I told Mac. Fifteen years ago, I had a relationship with Mac at a previous job. There had been some good things, and some bad ones too. Files couldn’t be transferred with PC and trying to interface with Windows was slow and frustrating. Network email was impossible. I think you’ll find vast improvements this time around, he said. He clearly wasn’t interested in being a rogue on the fringes. He’s matured a bit.

So my date with Mac went very well. He spent time with me and reassured me that, with him, things would be different. Now, I too will be cool by association. No more will I stand out (in a bad way) among the hip kids at the Apple store.

Here’s to hoping Mac and I ride off into the sunset together.


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