You might be from California if…

I just returned from California.   It was a quintessential road trip down the coast from San Francisco to San Diego as research for a chapter in my next book. I realized a few unique things about Californians. So in homage to Jeff Foxworthy, you might be from California if…

  • you call all freeways “the,” as in “the 101” or “the 405”.
  • you wear flip-flops and a jacket.
  • you believe in your heart the sun really is shining on the other side of the mountains even though it’s cloudy on the coast.
  • you know that New England isn’t the only place that serves good clam chowder.
  • you can’t remember…is pot illegal?
  • you know what Pea Soup Andersons is.
  • you consider waiting an hour on line at La Super Rica  Taqueria or Pink’s Hot Dogs well worth the effort.
  • you don’t wonder why gas costs more here than the rest of the country…and you live on the coast.
  • earthquakes don’t bother you at all, but a forecast of a sprinkling rain sends you over the edge.
  • you calculate the time from point A to point B, no matter how far, as being 20 minutes.
  • it’s okay to wear a track suit to the office.


  1. So glad I left L.A.–being non-native, most of this drives me insane. Then again, I see some of it up here in Portland…like I think pot is even less illegal here, and the lines for Voodoo Doughnuts are just as crazy.

    You probably didn’t venture into too many grocery stores, but West Coast cashiers will talk about your stuff as they scan it, stopping if something catches their attention: “I’ve never tried this before–how do you cook it?” Are you kidding me? There’s a line, lady. Ask the internet.


  2. ha. I’m from SF. Lived in NYC for 3 years. Anyway… very true. “Can’t remember, IS pot illegal?” not really, haha. Anyway, really good list.

    I also have to agree with the commenter above, about the grocery store clerks. That shit is SO annoying. Everyone wants to make petty convo, like they’re fucking starving for human convo or some shit. that will never happen in NYC.

    Gah, I miss NYC!


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