Boxers or Briefs?

Yesterday marked the 9th Annual No Pants Subway Ride wherein thousands of exhibitionist New Yorkers got down to their skivvies and boarded the subway. For what, you ask? Well to get a date, silly.

“It’s a place to meet people that’s not your traditional bar scene,” said Brady Kirchberg, 26, who was taking part in his third no-pants ride. At least we singletons now have another option beyond 8-minute dating and online dating. It sorta eliminates a lot of awkward moments later on, no? Though I should note that the temperature hovered at about 20 degrees yesterday, so you’d have to take that into account.

As you’d expect, most New Yorkers were fairly blase about the whole thing. Gintas Norvila said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen it. It looks very interesting,” and went back to reading Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground.

Here’s a clip from last year’s No Pants Ride.


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