Friday Five

I was reading the blog of one of my favorite YA authors, Sarah Dessen. Every Friday she writes a top five of random bits and blurbs. It’s a great way to compile some  tidbits that cross my mind. So…in the hope that imitation is the highest form of flattery, here’s my first Friday Five.

1. I’m starting the day on the right foot and by that I mean breakfasting with the beautiful people at Balthazar. It’s so civilized – the aroma of coffee, freshly baked croissants, the rustling of morning newspapers. I actually feel good as I walk to the office, trying to expend a few of the 3000 calories I ate.

2. I was walking Reggie after work on Tuesday. He was doing his usual sniffing to find out what the neighbors have been up to. A guy approached, coming toe to snout with him and wouldn’t go around. Just stood there, waiting, like ‘this sidewalk’s not big enough for the both of us.’

I’ll admit that I didn’t say a polite, “Excuse me,” but rather a Steve Martin, Brooklynese, “Excuuuse me!” To which he replied, “Asshole.”


Then he gave me the finger. Are we in fifth grade? I didn’t say anything else because, here, you could end up like the guy in Bay Ridge who had acid thrown on him by someone because his dog barked too loudly. But clearly I felt (still feeling) bad about it. Why you gotta be like that, dude?

3. Does anyone else find that McDonald’s fillet o’ fish commercial really annoying? (Aside: I read that fillet o’ fish sales skyrocket during Lent because some folks don’t eat meat on Fridays.)

4. My friend and I just booked a summer trip to …drum roll please…Iceland. “Iceland?” my mom asked. “What’s in Iceland?” This is in Iceland. If this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

I find that, living in a big, energetic concrete jungle where you can’t get get away from people like the guy in #2, I want to take vacations to sparsely populated places and commune with nature a bit. Like the pictured geothermally heated spring Blue Lagoon. Blluuuee Laagoooon.

5. I’ve been reading Richard Russo’s That Old Cape Magic. I’m enjoying it. It’s got a lot of the backhanded humor he’s known for. If you’ve not read Russo before, I’d recommend reading the Pulitzer-winning Empire Falls first. Or if you’re in academia, check out Straight Man. You’ll laugh and cry at the same time.


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