Oprah and Me

Oprah and I are going to be walking together, by which I mean in the same city, to help homeless animals. I’ve signed up for the O Magazine walk-a-thon to be held on May 9 here in NYC to benefit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (www.bestfriends.org). Some of you may know that I volunteer for Best Friends as a writer for the children’s section of their website. Best Friends is honored to be one of the 10 charities involved with the walk-a-thon.

I’ve completed plenty of “a-thons” for a variety of charities, but this is the first one that is near and dear to my heart. Here’s a little schpiel for them:

Best Friends Animal Society is guided by a vision rooted in compassion. Unwilling to accept that killing homeless pets is inevitable, we are focused on saving lives, and changing society for good. In addition to our extensive work in communities, we run the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary, home to 1,700 animals. When we began, 25 years ago, 17 million homeless dogs and cats were being killed in our country each year. The work of caring individuals and organizations, including Best Friends, has brought that to 5 million, and we remain committed to achieving a time when there are No More Homeless Pets®.

I hesitate to ask for donations because, well, it’s asking people to part with what they’ve worked hard for. But if you find that you’d like to support my walk for Best Friends, they’ve made it easy to give. You can log on to my donation page and contribute. You can make payments by credit or debit card. No amount is too small (really!). Even $5 buys a leash or catnip or apples for the horses. I’ve already paid the entry fee for the walk so your entire contribution goes directly to benefit the animals. (Best Friends is a 501c3 organization so your donation is tax-deductible.) http://www.lybl2010walk.com/jacquelincangro

I’ll be posting photos and updates from the walk! Here are some photos of pets currently at the sanctuary.



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