Friday Five

TGI Friday Five

1. The first weekend of spring brought with it such warm temps you would have mistaken Prospect Park for Miami Beach. I couldn’t help myself and bought some new plants for my little fire escape oasis. Despite watching hours of gardening shows, I’m a terrible gardener. Most everything dies. Now, my great-grandfather, he had a lovely garden. He grew a variety of fruits and vegetables on his little patch of land behind the house, though I remember most vividly the abundant grapes and tomatoes. I keep trying anyway. Each year I help one of the ladies in my building set up the containers for the roof deck garden, hoping that some gardening epiphany will happen between the peonies and mums. Maybe this will be the year.

2. Speaking of spring, it’s time to pack away my heavy winter coat for another season. I took it to one of the five drycleaners near my apartment and I am here to report there is an honest, reputable drycleaner in New York City . The guy looked at the tag and said, “You can wash this at home.” Sure enough  the label reads machine washable. Thank you, drycleaner guy. You saved me about $25.

3. You’re right, it is a big F*!@ deal, Joe.

4. My friend Ken Wheaton’s book is still going strong. The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival (whew!) published in early January to some great reviews. Booklist called it a “roller-coaster ride of a book has hilarious highs that plunge to soul-baring angst, then zoom back up to the top.” Not bad for your first novel, eh? He has given a few readings in the nabe and Louisiana, where the book is set and where he’s from. Both events I went to were SRO. And if you’re so inclined to pick up a copy you can find my little ol’ name in the acknowledgments page, which indeed got me right here when I read it. At any rate, I hear the publisher is going back to press for another printing. But who knows. You can’t trust those publisher types – very sneaky folks, I hear.

5. Good news to report about the puppy I found last week tied to a park bench. Within days he’d found a home, and a really nice one at that. Al at the rescue group told me he knew of a couple who were seeking a companion for their adult vizsla. He’d seen them at the park during off-leash hours. They were thrilled to make room in their brownstone for the little guy. When I called to check up on him, they’d already taken the puppy to their vet, who gave him a clean bill of health. Best of all, since they already have a vizsla, they know that this high-energy dog is going to need endless rounds of fetch. I’ll be on the lookout for them next time I’m at the park.


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