Glazed Over

The previous occupant had the bathtub in my apartment reglazed some years ago and it’s been peeling in large strips like a bad sunburn off atourist’s back. So this has been on my list of renovation projects for a while now. I found a refinishing company from a great little site called Angie’s List. Not only can they do the bathtub, but they also refinish tiles. Sold. I signed on to have my 70’s retro gold speckled tiles done as well.

Danger, Will Robinson. Danger. Here is where you enter the “as long as you’re doing that” theory of home renovation, as in – as long as you’re redoing the tub, why not update the tiles as well? As long as you’re updating the tiles, you might as well put in a new sink. And are you really going to have a new sink, new tiles, new tub and still sit on that old commode? Before you know it you’re doing a complete  gut job to the tune of 5 figures. I remained strong and stuck with the tiles and tub only.

For weeks I hesitated calling the company. I mean, it’s a bit of a hassle, right? Take a day off of work, sit idly by while he’s an hour late, listen to him talk on his cell to the pretty ladies all day, cringe when he says, “Oops. Don’t worry, that will come right up,” rush in when you hear glass breaking, roll your eyes when he holds out his hand for a tip.

The bitterness comes from the Great Kitchen Debacle of 2008 wherein my contractor quite literally disappeared with my kitchen in a shambles. No sink, no stove, no countertops. Finishing the job took many months, a lot of money and extraordinary patience not to pull a Tanya Harding on his ass. But I feel better in knowing I’m not alone. Friends from around the country report similar situations. Do all contractors go to the Smarmy School of Business?

But then I remembered my guru taught me that past experience is not necessarily a predictor of future performance. This guy was great. He worked hard for 7 hours straight, took only one call that I could hear, and believe it or not, he arrived early! It was well worth it. Go forth and reglaze.

Before - Peeling Tub

After - White and Shiny


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