Friday Five

1. Celebrity autobiography redux. Some celebrities publish their life stories before they’ve even lived through half of it (Brittney Spears, Miley Cyrus). Some write autobiographies despite not having a lot to say (Vanna White, Paris Hilton). And some never get around to it, even though we might have wished they did (Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra). Some leave strict instructions to have their words published only after they pass on (Katharine Hepburn) – perhaps to avoid being fodder for this. And then some take it to the extreme. Mark Twain has kept us waiting for his autobiography for a millennium. The rumors that Twain had spent the last 10 years of his life writing his own story have turned out to be true. He left behind 5,000 (!) pages of unedited memoirs when he died in 1910 with a handwritten note saying that he did not want the words in print until he had been dead for 100 years. Time is up and the University of California at Berkeley (kudos to them for honoring Twain’s request) will publish the first volume in November.

2. Let’s say your wife recently left you after 12 years of marriage. And let’s say that she leaves behind her wedding dress to do with as you will. What would you do with it? This guy is having a great time coming up with 101 creative  uses for his ex-wife’s dress, including Christmas tree skirt, gym towel, dental floss (my fave), and pasta strainer. He’s looking for ideas to get up to the magic number.

3. I’m not a forgetful person. I generally remember my family’s birthdays without needing a reminder from FB and know where I left my keys. But this week something strange happened. I forgot to brush my teeth one morning. I was on the 2 train before the realization hit me Not the end of the world of course, and I’ve certainly showed up for work in, shall we say, less than stellar condition before. But to just forget something so basic, so ingrained in my routine was more jarring than the actual problem of having to eat a mouthful of Altoids.

4. For a pre-birthday extravaganza, I was taken to lunch at Mesa Grill one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants. Man, what a treat. Get the delicioso chile relleno filled with roasted eggplant, then dipped in cornmeal and fried. Pair that with a prickly pear cactus margarita and you’re in business.  End with a slice of banana cream pie, then loosen your belt buckle a notch. (I can’t say that was very Southwestern, but I can say that it was damn good.)

5. There are some movies that should never, ever be remade. Casablanca. Gone with the Wind. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The Godfather. The Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately someone is thinking of remaking The Wizard of Oz because of the success of Alice in Wonderland (It’s not the same, people!) Guess who is being considered for Wicked Witch of the West? Angelina Jolie! Who will play Dorothy is up in the air. Lea Michele from Glee? Nothing against them, but don’t mess with what’s good and right with the world.



  1. Ha. Love that blog about the guy using his ex-wife’s wedding dress. Also love that you went to Bobby Flay’s restaurant, so jealous! I hope I can go there someday when I’m in NYC again!! I agree, those movies should NOT be remade!! Bad business!


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