Friday Five

1. I’m hooked on a web-based series called Web Therapy. Lisa Kudrow stars as the irreverent therapist who doesn’t really care much about her patient’s problems. She counsels them online through a chat session. Other celebrities like Courteney Cox, Alan Cumming and Steven Weber make guest appearances. Each five or six minute “therapy session” is mostly ad-libbed. Check out this webisode in which the world’s worst therapist counsels a psychic who has lost her powers, even though she thinks it’s a “particular brand of fraud.”

2. You can’t throw a Metrocard on the subway without hitting someone reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Despite having a stack of books taller than the Empire State Building waiting to be read, I picked up a copy. I haven’t seen a single book have this kind of hold over New Yorkers since Motherless Brooklyn. I’ll post a review here when I’m done. If I like it as much as everyone else does, I guess I’m in for a long haul – it’s a trilogy.

3. Best Friends Animal Society posted a story about Reggie on their site as part of their First Home Forever Home campaign, which provides guidance and resources to help people keep their pets through difficult situations. In the article, I write about Reggie’s illness and subsequent behavior problems and how each were resolved. It brought back memories of…intense frustration would be putting it mildly. There were days, especially when my neighbors were emailing me hourly as you’ll read in the article, when I was completely at the end of my rope. But don’t worry…the story has a happy ending!

4. This week I taught a publishing class at NYU. It’s in the continuing education program. One of my colleagues  teaches the course and she’d reached a point in the syllabus that wasn’t her strong suit. Jackie to the rescue! I prepared a powerpoint presentation and brought some shiny items for show and tell. Years ago I taught  literature for several semesters at a nearby college. This stint at NYU reminded me how much I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, so if you got any connections (in academia, not your bookie or dealer), send me a line.

5. Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th! I’ll be heading to my roof deck to watch the fireworks over the Hudson River. Remember, if you have pets, they don’t always enjoy them as much as you do.  Here are some suggestions from the Humane Society. Also resist the urge to keep reassuring your pet if he/she is afraid. Saying “It’s okay. It’s okay.” to a pet in distress only reinforces the anxiety. They think that their fear and anxiety is what is okay, not understanding that the fireworks won’t hurt them. The distress is likely to increase next time.



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