A Pool! My Kingdom for a Pool!

So it’s been oppressive here for weeks. The humidity would make an anaconda from the Amazon sweat. The brief rain showers has the effect of a giant steamer. My brain has turned to a gelatinous mess, causing me to forget a thought mid-sentence or  stumble around the neighborhood in a daze. To sum it up, as my friend from Troy, Alabama, would say, “It’s hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock under a space heater.”

On that note, in an effort to meet summer halfway, I’m thinking about what’s so great about the season.

  • Gorgeous flowers like these growing straight out of the asphalt.

  • I don’t have to take on and off a hat, coat, scarf, gloves and boots five times a day.
  • My skin kinda glows. (Maybe it’s sweat)
  • Fireflies!
  • The Grand Army Plaza farmer’s market.

Farmer's Market

  • Going into the cocoon of a dark, cool movie theater never feels better.
  • The Shore without a share.
  • With all due respect to my Georgia peeps, the peaches from New Jersey are delicious. Really!
  • Showing off a new pedi in new sandals.
  • Those lollipop weeds that look like cottony puff-balls.
  • Watermelon

  • Fall is around the corner.

Why do you love summer? Post it below. If my neurons are still functioning, I’ll read it. (And if you have a pool, I’m on my way.)


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