Index of an Individual

A writing workshop exercise to show how specific, even quantifiable, details can add up to a “big picture.” What would you choose to quantify about yourself?

  • Number of unread books on my bedside table: 11
  • Miles walked to and from work each day: 1
  • Flights of stairs climbed to apartment: 4
  • Number of light blue shirts I own: 6
  • Percentage of algebra knowledge retained from high school: 0
  • Number of things sold on Ebay: 45
  • Weeks spent learning how to play Stairway to Heaven on the guitar: 5
  • Percentage of chords remembered for Stairway to Heaven: 0
  • Number of hours after my co-worker hears about someone getting sick that she gets sick: 2
  • Average minutes my dog can spend sniffing one spot on sidewalk: 4
  • Pounds of Chunky Monkey eaten in the past 12 months: 3
  • Average number of useless emails received at work per day: 52
  • Miles driven from NY to Tennessee and back again: 8,654
  • Gallons of sweet tea drunk while in Tennessee: 3
  • Minutes spent waiting at entrance to Holland Tunnel: 188
  • Number of paint colors sampled on living room wall: 5
  • Total livable square feet in my apartment: 600

What's on your mind?

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