Mad Crazy Skillz Quiz

Last month when I was visiting my parents, a conversation got going about finding your purpose. Well it wasn’t quite that deep. It was more about being fulfilled at your career (which requires finding your purpose, I’d venture to say). My parents and their friends were in agreement that, hey, go right ahead but you’d better be able to keep a roof over your head whilst “being fulfilled” cause you ain’t moving back in here, said with barely disguised disdain. Why is your generation so disgruntled, they wanted to know. Why do you expect something like a job, of all things, to fulfill you? Interesting point. Most of my friends are still wading about the muck trying to find where they left their purpose and wondering if they can use GPS to find it again. I don’t know if this is a generational chasm or if (gulp) my parents had once been like us and just gave up the “pipe dream” somewhere along the way.

I believe that, whatever our talents are, we each have a contribution to make (insert concerto violin here) which goes beyond punching a time clock. Perhaps you are one of the rare few who have not only identified your purpose, located fulfillment and somehow are able to pay the bills doing it. In that case, goody for you and you can move on. For the rest of the 98% of us, maybe this post will help.

There are 5 simple tests below to identify  your aptitude in certain skill sets to see where you have a natural ability. Maybe it will get you thinking about your talents in a different way. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as the SAT or anything.

Test #1: Step by Step
What it measures: Concept organization, or the ability to break down complicated ideas and make them more easily understood. (Click below to enlarge.)

Test #2: Three of a Kind
What it measures: Inductive reasoning, which means you can quickly see a common element among seemingly unrelated ideas. (Click below to enlarge.)

Test #3: Paper Folding
What it measures: Structural visualization, or how well you can picture three-dimensional objects in your mind. (Click below to enlarge.)

Test #4: Number Series
What it measures: Numerical reasoning, or the ability to decipher numerical patterns and concepts. (Click below to enlarge.)

Test #5: What Comes to Mind?
What it measures: Foresight, or the ability to imagine lots of possibilities—and anticipate potential problems.(Click below to enlarge.)

And now for the answers. Drum roll please.


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