Friday Five

1. Dogs are color blind, right? Wrong. Well, sort of wrong. They aren’t completely color blind in that they do see some colors, just not as many as you and me. I’d read this before, but Jennifer Arnold (Through a Dog’s Eyes) explains it so even I can understand. Basically dogs cannot see reds or greens, but they can see yellows and blues. Red objects appear yellow to a dog, while green objects appear grayish. So if you give a dog a yellow toy and put it on a red background, they may have difficulty seeing it. (They’ll probably end up locating it by smell.) Also, their vision is more like 80/20. Whereas a person with perfect vision can see an object clearly from eighty feet away, a dog cannot see well until they are within 20 feet.

But their vision is superior to ours at night (5 times better some say), and – note to the family cat – they have the ability to see something in motion from nearly twice as far away as a stationary object. Greyhounds (and other sighthounds) who have 270 degree peripheral vision excel at this.

2. How great was Glee this week? Gwyneth Paltrow, check. Singing in the Rain (Best Musical Ever), check. Cee-Lo, check. They even squeezed in two high points of my childhood, Schoolhouse Rock and tater tots. Lindsey Lohan es bien loca, no?

3. One of the highlights of my job (seriously) is that around the holidays some of my vendors will take my group to lunch as a thank you for our business. Because I’ve worked at my company for approximately 184 years, I’ve had the opportunity to go to some great restaurants that I would’ve never been able to afford otherwise unless I’d decided to eat only Ramen noodles three meals a day for a month, and, hey, I’ve already done that in college, so not too anxious to do it again.  This week, we were taken to a lovely spot, most of which would have been pretty unremarkable except for the dessert. Brioche bread pudding with a scoop of sea salt caramel encased in vanilla ice cream. Maybe you’re not a fan of bread pudding. I’m usually not, but this wasn’t your mama’s bread pudding. It was salty and sweet and not too soggy. And I wish I could send you a piece, but I ate it all!

4. I’m sure you’re not surprised that I’m a big sucker for any one of the many wild animal documentaries – Planet Earth, Oceans, Life, March of the Penguins. I find them all endlessly fascinating. The most recent is Great Migrations, airing on the National Geographic Channel. There’s some great footage of zebras, seals, elephants. Oh my! (How do they get this footage?) My favorite was the pronghorn, which looks like an antelope and lives in the Rocky Mountain area. Factoid: They are the second fastest land mammal. They can run 53 miles per hour, leaving preying coyotes in the dust. In the spring they take a dangerous journey north over busy highways, under barbed wire and through power plants to make it to their breeding grounds because that’s the way they’ve traveled for centuries.

5. Loving ETSY. Maybe you all got hooked on Etsy a long time ago when I was busy doing something silly like watching Survivor Antigua, but I’ve seen the light. I’ve ordered three items in the past few months from different sellers and each time the products were well made and arrived quickly. And, get this – all of the sellers were pleasant, thanking me for my business. Maybe you have yet to jump on the Etsy bandwagon. It’s real basic. Sellers post their handmade items on the site. People buy them. The End. You can find things from furniture to clothing to art to toys. I like the idea of buying handmade stuff (partly because I’m completely inept at it myself) and supporting homegrown businesses. Hint. Hint. Ho! Ho! Ho!



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