Fe Fi Fo Friday Five

1. I am sick. I don’t get sick often, but thanks to my stepdad, I came home from Tennessee with a whopper of a cold. What a great family bonding moment. Despite days of hacking, sniveling and a sandpaper throat, I wasn’t ready to admit that I’d fallen. Then on Wednesday I woke up with what we at work refer to as Quasimodo Eye. (Image not intended for young children.)

I will spare you the gory details, suffice to say that it wasn’t pretty. Man, there must be a nasty war going on inside.

2. For said cold, I have armed myself with a vertiable cornucopia of pharmecuticals. But standing in the drugstore, with clogged head and Rudolph nose no less, staring at a wall of medicine, I get terribly confused.  Do I want the stuff labeled “expectorant?” Or the stuff labeled “antihistimine?” The liquid or pill form? Which choice of 5 different brands. I often get buyer’s remorse in the end. About cold medicine. Seriously.

But then (isn’t this the way with colds) just when you think you’re on the rebound, you’ve passed the last sleepless night and you can keep down something more than soup, you slip back into the abyss. When will it end?

3. Next up on the winter soup counter – tomato soup. This classic is my all-time favorite soup. Pair it with a grilled cheese sandwich and you have my all-time favorite lunch. I’m a purist – no cream or diced tomatoes or far out spices or fancy cheeses. Plain and simple is what makes it so great. Nothing better on a snowy day when you have Quasimodo Eye.

4. As a general rule, most people agree that the border collie is the smartest dog breed. The main reason being that their cognitive abilities are on par with a three-year-old human. Most dog breeds don’t seem to employ a cause-effect thinking process, as in “If I do this, then that will happen.” (Despite having eaten his fair share of socks, Reggie doesn’t put two and two together that eating them makes him sick.) Working border collies do. They have to problem solve on a farm to figure out how to get the sheep to the correct pasture or barn. (If I move this way, they will move that way.)

Enter Chaser. The smartest dog ever? You be the judge. Chaser knows 1022 words, including verb-noun combinations. “Chaser, paw lamb.” And Chaser runs over to a collection of stuffed objects, figures out which one is the lamb and paws at it. Here’s a You Tube clip of Chaser doing her thing. At 1:45 into the video you can actually see her assessing the objects to decide which one is correct. By golly it looks like she’s “thinking”!  http://youtu.be/KbI13nbDRRI (The person gives the commands from behind the screen in order to prevent influencing Chaser with his body language.)

5. A little teaser to a big announcement. It’s a little too early to share with you yet, but 2011 is going to be the start of some new opportunities for me. Stay tuned. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.


Have a great weekend everyone!


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