Friday Five

1. I’m reading Bill Bryson’s latest At Home and came across this passage:

Once in a domestic environment, most rats show little fear “and will even deliberately approach and make contact with motionless persons.” …even using the most conservative figures, at least 14,000 people in the United States are attacked by rats each year. A motivated rat can leap as high as three feet – high enough to be considerably unnerving if it is coming your way.

And then the same day this short YouTube clip began making the rounds. It shows a rat deliberately approaching and making contact (scurrying up a guy’s leg and touching little rat feet on his face) with a motionless (sleeping) person on the subway. You have to hand it to the guy – he seemed to take it all in stride. I probably would go into Flail Mode in which I run around aimlessly screaming like a little girl.

2. Get thee to a theater to see The King’s Speech, about King George VI (Colin Firth), his often paralyzing speech impediment and the therapist (Geoffrey Rush) who helps him.  My friend and I went to see it in Cobble Hill. (For you locals, not the big UA theater where people alternate between talking to each other and shouting at the screen.) Great flick, especially if A. you’d like to see something other than a depressing spiral into the abyss AKA Black Swan, B. you didn’t know that Helena Bonham Carter could be cast in a movie not directed by hubby Tim Burton (and be quite good), C. you’re interested in a deeply personal story about a very public person who is incredibly courageous.

3. Move over, Nate Berkus. I took on a little redecorating project, which in my world never turns out to be little. (See the “planer” incident here.) I decided to change out a picture frame hanging on my bedroom wall. It was something I’d gotten at the Brooklyn Flea on impulse. I liked it, but it never really spoke to me. So I created a collage of sorts with four photos I’ve taken over the years at various places. Each photo links a chain of memories in my mind and  reminds me of great times with great friends in great places. Fortunately (or unfortunately) my photography skills are only marginally better than my hammering skills. The number of holes behind each frame looks like a drive by shooting happened, but after roughly 3 hours, 52 curse words and 2 bruised thumbs later, here is the end result.

Clockwise from top left: A rose garden in London; Ponte Vecchio in Florence; Sunset in San Diego; Misty morning on Vancouver Island.

4.  Next up on the soup hit parade: split pea. This’ll warm you right up. Looks pretty good and tastes even better, if I do say so myself.

5. I’m going to the doctor today. I know. You faithful readers will remember that I only go to the doctor in the most dire of circumstances. But it’s time. I’ve had a cold for 2-1/2 weeks now and I can’t shake it. In the morning I feel okay, good even, but by lunchtime, I’m fading and when I get home from work my throat feels like it’s shrunken to the circumference of a straw. Yeah, yeah. I’m going. Probably going to get me a prescription too.


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