April Fools’ Friday Five

In honor of April Fools’ Day, I thought I’d throw out five things about me that may or may not be true.  Give me a way / no way on the following:

1. I’ve completed several marathons.

2. I’ve played tennis with Neil Patrick Harris.

image from CBS.com

3. I’ve come face-to-face with an alligator.

4. I wanted to be a pilot and fly jets. 


image from movieposters.com

5. When I was a kid, I had a boa constrictor as a pet.


Check out the answers here



  1. What fun! You guys are good! Thanks to everyone for playing along. I didn’t reply before now so as not to give anything away.

    Today I posted the answers to the April Fools’ Day Five. See how many you got right. 🙂


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