Friday Five

1. As part of George Carlin’s comedy routine, he often talked about the lone sock that always tried to make a break for it when he did laundry. He imagined the sock would cling to the inside of the dryer, hanging there as quietly as possible until the coast was clear. Then the sock would make a break for it. There was a place where all single socks would hang out, trying to meet their mates. I can’t tell you how many of my socks have gone missing over the years – surely enough to cover the feet of a small village of people (or at least The Village People). But socks are small, easy to lose track of. So I really can’t explain what I lost this week – a pillowcase. How does that happen? I retraced my steps, checked again in the washer and dryer, checked at the bottom of the laundry bag, checked inside all of my other clothes and sheets. I even checked in the freezer because, as Carlin said, that’s the place where our lost things are least likely to be, but the place we seem to check the most. Hopefully the pillowcase will turn up somewhere. But where?

2. My neighbor hosted a little soiree in the grotto area behind our apartments. Okay. It’s a courtyard, but it sounds so much more exotic to say grotto. Then I can say soiree, too, and you’ll buy it. I think.

I made these velvety, creamy, sour-y little numbers. It just feels like summer is almost here when the lemon bars make an appearance. They were a hit. Even the kids went back for seconds.

So I was a little heavy handed with the powdered sugar.

3. I’m With Phil. About a dozen years ago, Phil Campbell, a Brooklynite don’t you know, discovered a town in Alabama named Phil Campbell. An odd name for a town, indeed. He thought it would be fun to organize other Phil Campbells to take a field trip and formed the International Phil Campbell Convention on a lark. Before he knew it, 190 Phil Campbells from around the world were signed up to attend the convention this June 16-18 in, where else, Phil Campbell, Ala.

Then in April, a tornado just about wiped Phil Campbell, Alabama, off the map. What started out as a “quirky stunt” has become a rallying cry to help the townspeople rebuild. Instead of having a few drinks and a nice weekend getaway, the Phil Campbells will spend the time volunteering and getting donations.

4. A few years ago I’d visited the town of Waterloo, New York, just a few miles west of Seneca Falls, the site of the first Women’s National Convention. Aside from its tenuous connection to a French dictator, the residents of Waterloo I met were very proud of this fact: Memorial Day began in their town. In 1868, they decided to reserve a day to honor the Civil War dead by decorating their graves. Then called Decoration Day, they lined the headstones with flowers and bunting. I since learned that several other cities have laid claim to beginning the holiday, but Waterloo-whoians remain steadfast in their conviction.

5. Summertime…and the livin’ is easy. Today begins what’s known as “summer hours.” My office closes at 12:30 pm on Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Monday through Thursday we stay in the office until 6:00 to make up for the lost work time on Friday. For the most part it’s a lovely perk and an industry standard. It’s like being given the gift of time.  People can get a head start if they’re heading out of town for the weekend. (Though this simply means that rush hour begins at about 1:oo on Fridays.) I enjoy having some extra time to do things I don’t normally have time to do. I might spend a few hours at one of the museums or see a matinee movie. Sometimes it’s just great to walk around Manhattan with no agenda whatsoever.

I hope your agenda is filled with all good things on this long weekend!



  1. Girls’ socks are never matched at our house…I have found things balled up in the corner of fitted sheets before…hope you find your pillowcase!

    Lemon bars…yum…

    Love the Phil Campbell story!



    1. I have thought about buying only white socks. Then when I lose them, they can be matched up with any other sock.
      That darn pillowcase is around here somewhere. It has to be!


  2. Yeah, that’s where I usually find pillowcases–in the corner of a fitted sheet. I’ve found all kinds of stuff there!

    Love those summer hours in the publishing world. Enjoy the long weekend!


    1. All right. I’m checking the fitted sheets right now.

      Thanks Ms. Pearl. I hope you have a great weekend, too!


    1. Love that ad! Maybe there’s a pillowcase colony just over the hill from the socks. That’s where mine is. I still can’t find it, BTW.

      Here is the lemon bar recipe. I got it from the Barefoot Contessa. (Though mine don’t look like hers!)
      I did learn a trick though. If you dip the knife in warm water before you cut them into bars, the slices will come out cleaner.


      1. Reggie hasn’t “buried” the pillowcase somewhere? When something goes missing in our house, Rosie is often the culprit.

        Thanks for the recipe link and tip. They sound and look wonderful!


    1. Sounds like the Sock Thief is working with the Pillowcase Thief. That diagram tells it all. Clearly they are uniting to form a laundry villain network – one washer at a time.

      The shorter Fridays are wonderful, but you’re down to your 4th day of employedness aren’t you? That sounds wonderful!


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