Happy Birthday to…


While I am celebrating with friends and treating myself to a lovely mani/pedi at Nail Diva, I offer you some (other) important things that went down on May 31st.

Also born today:

Walt Whitman, 1819

Clint Eastwood, 1930

Go ahead, make my birthday.

Joe Namath, 1943

Colin Farrell, 1976

Brooke Shields, 1965

Nothing comes between me and my birthday.

John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), 1948

Lea Thompson (Back to the Future), 1961

Corey “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” Hart, 1962

Super important events on this day in history:

Madison Square Garden opens, 1879

Babe Ruth’s final at-bat, 1935

Sultan of Birthday Swat

World’s oldest bride, Minnie Munro, 102, weds Dudley Reid, 83, in Australia, 1991

John Harvey Kellogg patents “flaked cereal,” 1884

Frank Lockhart wins the 14th Indy 500 averaging 95.9 mph, 1926

South Africa becomes an independent republic, 1961

John Lennon and Yoko Ono record “Give Peace a Chance” during their Montreal bed-in, 1969

Big Ben rings for the first time, 1859



  1. Happy Birthday, Jacquelin! Have a lovely day!

    Love Clint Eastwood…makes me feel old to know that he’s 81!!!

    I’d almost forgotten about John and Yoko’s “bed-in.”

    Sending you cyber cake and hugs!



    1. Indeed! I mean, sharing a birthday with Walt Whitman is amazing enough, but add one of the Coreys…that is un-toppable. 🙂


      1. You know I’ve never had it. :-0 I think some of the better coffee shops in the bigger cities might serve it, but none that I know of around here. Was seriously thinking about getting a recipe and baking one, just so I can find out what it’s all about.


  2. Happy anniversary, on this day of your birth, Jacquelin.

    You share your day with many special people. Now, the Brooke Shields reference? “Nothing comes between me and my birthday.” Hilarious.

    Happy birthday wishes to you, my fellow blogger.

    ~ Lenore


  3. Happy birthday, jacquelin – what a great post! You are in fabulous company – the South Africa reference makes me cringe, though … freedom only came to our nation in 1994!
    Have a fabulous day with your friends, and I’m so glad you’re also treating yourself to a mani/pedi – what a wonderful thing to do.
    Hugs from London
    Sunshine xx


    1. What a fun day I’ve had! Thank you for the birthday wishes, Sunshine! And thank you for pointing that out. I did more digging and learned something important today.


  4. Happy birthday Jacquelin! Hope you had a great day. And red velvet cake… wow. Never had that but it sounds amazing. I wish I could send you a piece of the Giant Chocolate Tofu Delight I made last night… here’s a virtual piece: |> A little small, but at least it’s low-fat!! Look forward to reading you again soon…


    1. It’s been a lovely day! Red velvet cake is my favorite, but I’ll happily accept a piece of your Delight. There’s always room for more dessert. 🙂 I hope your co-workers enjoyed it.


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