Friday Five

The weather is mild and we have a little time during lunch for a nice walk, so come along with me. I work in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

1. First we need to return a few books to the library. This branch was built in 1906. Some notable poets like Marianne Moore, Edgar Allan Poe and Edna St. Vincent Millay were regulars here. In fact, Marianne Moore worked at this branch.

The city is threatening the libraries with major budget cuts. This seems to happen every year. And every year the libraries have to spend money and manpower to rally to fight the cuts.


2. Directly across the street from the library is this non-descript townhouse, yet tour buses regularly stop here so dozens of tourists can take photos of it. Can you guess why?

The front of this townhouse was featured in the 1980s television show The Cosby Show. But…I hate to break it to these people. The Huxtables didn’t really live here. And I’ll let you in on something that the poor folks who have spent good money to pose in front of this place don’t seem to realize. The Huxtables weren’t real. ~gasp~


3. Moving right along…let’s head over to the river. As we walk over there, you’ll notice there are still quite a few cobblestone streets in this neighborhood. Most of these date back to the early twentieth century when horses traveled these roads.

Most people commute to work by subway, but a crazy determined few drive to the office. This is Manhattan’s version of a parking garage. See the cars on the lift?


4. We’re almost at the river. We just have to cross over this main road. This is looking downtown toward Battery Park. You can see One World Trade Center (aka Freedom Tower) being rebuilt. It’s supposed to be completed in 2013. We’ll see how that goes.

And just on the other side of this congested, noisy road is a small green space where people can have a little picnic.


5. We made it to the Hudson River!Β Just across the river is Hoboken, NJ. For those of you following The Jolie’s travels, Hoboken is her next stop. She might be looking back at us right now. Let’s wave.

This entire stretch used to be a vibrant working port with a system of piers and warehouses. Once that died down the area fell into disrepair. It was not a nice place to hang out, which was a shame being right on the river and all. After many years and a lot of dough, the Hudson River Park is fantastic. There are places to play mini-golf, skateboard, work on your trapeze skills and jog.

And there are even gated dog runs to bring your pooch to cool off. (This guy did not like me taking his photo and he barked at me.)

Lunch hour is just about over. Time to get back to the office. Thanks for coming along. On our next lunch time walk we’ll tour historic West Village.




    1. Next time, I’m going to post a photo of the Friends apartment building. We’ll see if you recognize that one too. πŸ™‚


    1. On a future tour, I think I’ll take you to the dosa cart in Washington Square Park and you can watch me eat lunch. πŸ™‚


    1. Too funny! That’s how I feel!

      The renovations have made the park really enjoyable – a place you want to hang out.


  1. Hey jacquelin, what a lovely tour of your neighbourhood. I’ve never been to the US, and New York holds such a fascination for me … fuelled even further now by your wonderful description and visuals of your lunchtime walk. Thanks for taking me along!
    Sunshine xx


    1. It’s so nice to hear that you’re getting a taste of NYC through my walkabout tours. I feel the need to take much better photos! I don’t think my photography skills are up to par.


    1. Uh oh. I had a feeling I was letting the cat out of the bag with that one. I have something to tell you about Santa Claus also.


    1. And it was such a gray and overcast day. I’ll have to try again when the skies are more cooperative. Not that I have a chance to come close to your photo skills πŸ™‚


  2. Loved your lunchtime tour. Even I recognized the “Cosby house”! Amazing what a reach television programs have.

    How great that they’ve got a place for the dogs to cool down. Rosie always gets so hot when the weather is warm, and we usually have to carry water with us to splash on her.


    1. Isn’t that funny how much we identify with the television shows? Next time I bring my camera around, I’ll have to take a photo of the Friends apartment building. πŸ™‚

      Reggie gets so hot in the summer. He seems to pant long after the other dogs around us have stopped. Sometimes I take him to the pond too.


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