Friday Five

1. If you don’t do anything else today or read anything else in this post, check out this clip. It will put a huge smile on your face. Promise! During a half marathon to benefit cancer research, some runners noticed an unusual participant on the course. Dozer, the dog, had watched the runners pass his house, which was at mile marker 5. He decided to join the fun and ran right along for the next 8 miles! He crossed the finish line at 2 hours and 14 minutes and he hadn’t even trained for it. He ended with a little limp, but he was reunited with his people and is doing well. Dozer received a race medal (hey, buddy, I had to run all 13 miles for mine) and has now raised $14,000 for the cause. Go Dozer!


2. There’s nothing like live music. You can feel the rhythm just resonate in your body. It makes you feel more alive. Unfortunately I don’t get to shows as much as I would like, so I try to take advantage of a summer program in the park called Celebrate Brooklyn. All genres of musical acts perform at the bandshell. Last weekend I went to jazz night, featuring the Roy Hargrove Quintet.

Sitting under the stars with a cool breeze drinking cheap box wine listening to some great jazz…doesn’t get much better than that. The last song they performed in an encore was a classic by one of my favorites: Sam Cooke. Here’s a clip of Cooke’s original version of Bring It on Home to Me.

3. Bath Day!

Are you done yet?


4. Last night, my first round of writing workshops ended. I was reminded why I enjoy moderating these classes so much. We spent almost two hours talking about fiction writing and I never looked at my watch once. When do I get to do that? It felt really indulgent like a warm bubble bath. I learn so much that I hope the writers got as much out of the class as I did! I thought it was a great success, so I’m going to do another workshop in August. Do you have a passion  that you enjoy so much you lose all track of time? If so…don’t forget to send recommendations for the new Shine page.


5. The natives are restless. I’m heading to Tennessee to visit my mom. You might remember she is in a wheelchair due to two broken ankles. Needless to say, she’s a bit bored so I’m going to keep her company for a few days. I think we’ll be playing a lot of cards…


Happy 4th, if you’re celebrating. If not, have a great weekend anyway!



  1. Oh – I have tears in my eyes from the Dozer video. Sweet! Love it! I enjoy your Friday Five. Thanks for sharing, Jacqueline.

    Safe travels to your Mom’s place. Enjoy the card games. May your Mom continue to heal. ~ Lenore


    1. Isn’t that an amazing story about Dozer? Reggie wouldn’t even get 1/2 mile. He’d see a spectator with a hot dog and it would be all over for him. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  2. What an amazing story about Dozer. It brings a smile just thinking abut it. And how about the handshake when he received his medal?
    Enjoy the time with your Mom. I am sure she is looking forward to seeing you.
    Your Reggie looks as delighted about bath-time as does my Lotte.
    And thanks Jacqueline for subscribing to my blog. I will subscribe to yours also.


    1. Hi Judith, Welcome! Thank you for stopping by.
      I’ve arrived in Tennessee and report that my mom is in good spirits and getting around pretty well, all things considered.


  3. Rosie would join Dozer in a heartbeat!

    The music in the park sounds lovely! One of the simple pleasures (well, for the audience anyway) in life that really feed your soul.

    Hope you are having a good visit with your mother. Can’t imagine how she copes with 2 broken ankles.


    1. Reggie would absolutely find a napkin along the route or see a squirrel and that would be the end for him.

      Luckily my mom’s right ankle is getting better so she’s able to stand on that leg for short periods. That helps a lot in getting into an out of spaces where the wheelchair can’t fit. Only 8 more weeks to go. 😛


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