Friday Five

I’ve spent this week visiting my mom in Tennessee. Here’s my trip in photos:

1. The neighborhood was decked out for Independence Day.  There were several competing groups of fireworks, but it seems that the show down by the church was the one to watch. A small crowd gathered in the church parking lot with their lawn chairs about an hour before. They were chit-chatting and relaxing and trying to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

The weather was warm – in the 90s – but with a nice breeze and the mornings started out cool. And I got to see one of my favorite things about summer in Tennessee: fireflies. I love staring at the grass around dusk and waiting for their little lights to flash. You never know where the next one is going to appear.

2. Cows live across the street. They spend their day eating grass, but the farmers are already preparing for fall by rolling hay which the cows will eat when the grass dies. I’m told that farmers are always thinking one season ahead.

This gal mooed at Reggie. He growled back. Luckily she is behind a very sturdy gate.


3.  I didn’t tell you the whole truth in number 1 above. I mentioned that my favorite thing of summer is watching the fireflies. That’s true but my other favorite thing of summer in Tennessee is going to Sonic and getting an ice cream shake with chunks of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups mixed in. Sonic is modeled after an old fashioned drive-in. We park at a menu board and the car hop brings our order to the car where we inhale enjoy our shakes. Our thick, sweet, chocolatey, peanut-buttery, chunky, smooth shakes. It’s heaven in a cup.

4. Reggie is not supposed to be under the deck. You can see how well he listens.

He goes outside off leash most of the time – a nice break from city living.  My mom’s yard is not fenced in so I always keep an eye on him. He actually has good recall, unless he’s distracted, which is most of the time. Once, he flushed a deer from the bushes behind the house.  The two regarded each other for a moment and then the deer was through the clearing in two swift leaps. Luckily I caught Reggie’s collar just in time otherwise he would have been off.

5.  Thanks to everyone who sent their get well wishes to my mom. She is getting around better and has even been able to put weight on one foot which means she can use a walker occasionally. A physical therapist has been coming to the house to help her work on muscle strength. The therapist is a lovely, gentle woman who brings treats for the dogs and speaks in the most soothing tones. If her physical therapy business doesn’t work out, she would be an excellent golf announcer.

Here Reggie shows off the latest models of wheelchair. (Sorry about the blur, sometimes he’s a bit too quick.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. Oh, what a trip you’ve had! (Just tell me Reggie got his own Sonic blended treat.) I’m impressed at your speed in catching him before the deer chase was on. Olive is also impressed–she’s never been one for that race but a Sonic shake…well, that might get her to bust a move.

    So glad to hear your mom is recovering so well!


    1. A good time was had by all!

      Reggie got so many treats doled out by my mom that he decided to skip the shake and watch his boyish figure.
      I don’t think this city dog knew what to make of that deer (or the cow for that matter). He spent too much time deciding whether to chase it or be afraid of it and I was able to grab him.

      Can’t wait to hear more about your trip to Maine!


  2. Mmmm…. Sonic ice cream shake.
    Fireflies. A wonderful summer time treat. (of the non-edible kind, of course) We are in FL now, and there are no fireflies. The boys are missing their nightly ritual of firefly hunting. Not sure why they don’t exist in FL. Interesting. (or not)
    Good to hear your Mom is getting close to using a walker. I hope the healing continues. I’m sure she enjoyed having you home for a visit. And the visit sounds lovely, by the way.


    1. I do enjoy looking for the fireflies. They are so elusive – light up and then you don’t know where you’re going to see the next one. Kind of like whale watching. I wonder why they aren’t in FL. Maybe it’s too humid there, even for them.


    1. Thank you for the warm wishes, Wendy. She is feeling better and now that she can get around a little more her spirits are up. Soon she’ll be back to her old self.


    1. Yes, definitely give Sonic a try! It’s just as much about the atmosphere as it is about the food. To get the full Sonic experience, you should plan to sit in your car while eating and be entertained by the people around you. At this Sonic, it is a local crusing spot for the teens. They drive around the parking lot looking for their friends – the original social networking.


    1. It was a great change of pace. But as soon as we get back to the city I can almost see Reggie’s excitement at “checking” in on what he missed while we were gone.


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