Friday Five

1. I came across this quote from British author Iris Murdoch: “One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.”  An interesting way to look at life from a woman who was considered brilliant, if a bit eccentric. (One wonders if the numerous affairs she had were considered treats, but anyway…) Some might say that, as a whole, we “treat” ourselves too much as it is, resulting in a materialistic society, but I’d like to think that she meant actions or interactions that brighten your day. For me, each morning when I brush Reggie is a small treat. He enjoys it and that brings me joy, but it’s also meditative. The repetition of the brush is calming I can zone out a bit. Do you have any “continuous small treats” that are meaningful to you?


2. There are beautiful hibiscus plants in bloom in front of an apartment building just around the corner from me. I didn’t even realize they could thrive in this area of the country.


3. As if you needed more proof that I’m losing my marbles. This week we were having a birthday party for a co-worker. By party, I mean cupcakes in a conference room. The conversation turned to movies and one colleague mentioned that she spent an hour of Doctor Zhivago watching side B of the DVD before she realized that the disc was two-sided. It took her that long to realize why none of the storyline made sense.

I had an even better one, I said. I spent an hour watching a movie in black-and-white before I realized that my DVD settings were wrong. It wasn’t even a classic movie. It only came out a few years ago. “Which movie? someone asked. I drew a complete blank. I could see the actors, but their names escaped me also. I looked at one of my co-workers as I tapped my forehead, trying to will the title to come forward. “You know, it’s that movie about the guy who performs illusions to win the heart of a woman.” “You mean, The Illusionist?” Uh, yeah that’s the complicated title I was trying to think of.


4. Things never to say to your hairstylist: 

A. When my cut grows out, my hair gets really unruly in the back.

B. I don’t know why these sections of my hair insist on sticking out, no matter what I do.

C. Hey, it seems like you’re cutting off a lot.

D. A hairstylist, a colorist and a manicurist walk into a bar…

I left with a hair don’t that looks like a cross between Will Ferrell and Grace Jones.


5.  One of Reggie’s continuous small treats. This is what happens when you have a big nose and want to get every last morsel of yogurt.

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy your small treat, whatever it is.



  1. One of your best Friday Five … in my humble opinion. Having just had my haircut (spontaneously) last Saturday, the ‘what not to say’ cracked me up. I went from long hair to short hair – though that was my intent.

    Also the comment about the woman and her affairs – perhaps that was her treat. Too funny, JC – too funny!

    My treat .. hmmm…. Sitting in my bedroom working, and looking through the window to see so much green. Oh – even better – when I let Cherokee out for the first time in the morning. She’ll run out on the deck – immediately turn around, and jam her head in between my legs. She’ll stay there, until she is satisfied with the patting, scratching and rubbing. Some days, she’ll start to walk away – only to return again for a little more. Yep. That’s my small treat for the day. She cracks me up. Love my dogs.


    1. Lenore, I trust your new style doesn’t make you look like a cross between Will Ferrell and Grace Jones. 😉

      Having a pleasing view out the window is a great treat. You get a little reward everytime you look up. Of course Cherokee is a treat in herself. A simple pleasure.


  2. Oh I understand about the hair stylist. I decided to go back to short hair having grown my hair since the end of last year. I did say to my hairdresser ‘Don’t cut too much off’ The look on her face was wonderful when half way through I said “You know what Amanda. I’ve changed my mind”.
    And your Reggie is a darling.


    1. It’s probably a hairstylist’s dream to create dramatic styles. I bet you made her day!
      Reggie is a wonderful dog. He always makes me smile, as I’m sure Lottie does for you. 🙂


  3. Speaking of Iris Murdoch and movies, have you seen “Iris” with Kate Winslett and Judi Dench? Unforgettable, wrenching account of Murdoch’s descent into Alzheimer’s. Jim Broadbent is wonderful as her doting husband too. Took me a while to remember the name of the movie, so I can relate. 🙂

    My dog loves yogurt too, but not as much as ice cream!


    1. I did see that movie! I’d completely forgotten about it until you just mentioned it. I agree – it was excellent. All of the actors were superb.

      Reggie does not discriminate against any food, except radishes for some reason. Everything else he eats with gusto.


  4. My cats love yogurt. One of them always tries to climb on me my while I eat it but the treat bit is when one of them gets some and the other is not around.
    She will also eat almost everything but a special treat is the tip of asparagus.
    I have a lot of little treats but one of the best is to stand on the freshly washed and dried bathroom carpet when it is all fluffy…


    1. The freshly washed bathroom rug is a great treat. I’d never thought about that one before. The way that your feet sink into the pile a little bit, and it’s nice and fluffy. Thanks for mentioning that!

      I love that your cats eat yogurt and asparagus. You have some very well balanced cats!


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