Friday Five

1. Bring it, Winter. Reggie is all set for the cold weather. A work friend knitted him this lovely sweater. Since I have no discernible talents, I’m amazed how she can take a ball of yarn and turn it into something beautiful and useful. Doesn’t he look dashing? I think blue is his color.

2. Friend and fellow blogger Erika Marks had an exciting week. Her debut novel, Little Gale Gumbo, was released into the world on Tuesday. It’s getting great reviews so far!

Here is a brief description:

When Camille and her two teenage daughters fled New Orleans for the island of Little Gale off the coast of Maine, the islanders were initially more suspicious than welcoming. Twenty-five years later, Camille’s Creole restaurant, The Little Gale Gumbo Café, has become an island staple-as has the legacy of her romance with islander Ben Haskell. Camille and Ben, along with their children, created a new family unit with a seemingly unbreakable bond. But when Ben is found unconscious in his home, next to the body of Camille’s estranged husband, old secrets and suspicions reemerge, and the family must reunite to hope for Ben’s survival. But as revelations come to the surface, so do long-held secrets that will test the limits and definitions of family.

I would be remiss if I didn’t send a shout out to her lovely dog Olive who is a kindred spirit with Reggie as their paws have shared many of the same paths in life. If you’re looking for a new read, add Little Gale Gumbo to your list and stop byErika’s blog for an excerpt.

3. It’s time for another edition of Search Termapalooza. This is when we check on the phrases people have entered in search engines and ended up (for better or worse) landing on this blog. I’ll let these key phrases speak for themselves and the quality material I’m putting out into the universe.

  • Steve Buscemi scar
  • long white hair big nose
  • shameless
  • blood pooling in finger
  • huge dozer
  • patient with new driver
  • slightest activity makes me sweat
  • nutella and toast
  • Cangro crack
  • what it means when your subway car is empty *
* There are exactly two reasons why a NYC subway car would be empty. Gold stars to those who correctly guess. 🙂

4. After a neighbor told me that she saved $400 a month, I decided to take a trip down Refinance Road. Of course, it will be worth it in the end, but just gathering all of the necessary paperwork requires supreme focus. When faced with the choice of vegging out in front of DWTS or digging up the past 4 years of tax returns, it’s not a hard decision to make. Every time I get to the bottom of the list of documents needed, another list pops up in my inbox. Hopefully I’ll get it all together before the 30 years is up on this mortgage.

5. There are quite a few food trucks that show up in front of my office building. If your area hasn’t yet gotten on the bandwagon, the food trucks offer all kinds of niche cuisines from Belgian waffles to dumplings to falafels to cookies. They can be a little pricey ($6 for half of a grilled cheese) but a fun treat. I’m partial to the gourmet coffee truck which comes on Wednesdays. I know that’s a shocker.  But what’s fun about the truck is the uncertainty. You never know exactly what’s going on. This week, out of lids. Last week, no brewed coffee because the machine was broken. The week before,  the only spot available was in front of a big tree. The week before that, the health inspector makes a routine surprise visit. Rather than get annoyed, I see it as more of a game. What will it be this week? No milk? Generator down? Have you ever been a customer where it’s more about the experience than what you came for?

Have a great weekend everyone!




  1. Your searchtermapalooza nearly made me spew coffee out my nose this morning. Hysterical!

    My only interesting ones this week: “wild and crazy tattoos,” “is stevie wonder sick,” “dragged in snow,” and of course “foot love”


    1. Too funny! We’ll never know why the person was searching for foot love, but I’m guessing they were disappointed when they stumbled onto your blog. 😉


  2. Reggie is adorable. Adorable!
    I noticed the DWTS mention. Made me smile. (I’m a dork, I know.)
    I’m curious what the two reasons are for an empty NY subway car. You’ll share with us right? Please?


    1. Come to think of it, if I had a choice of going to the dentist or finding all of my bank statements for the past 5 months, the dentist would win hands down.
      I’ll definitely reveal all about the subway car. If anyone has any guesses, send em on.


  3. Oh, my! Before I give my great big thank you hugs, I MUST speak to that handsome sweater. Wow! Reggie, I don’t think I dare show this pic to Olive–her heart can’t take it! You look mahvealous, Reggie. Warm and mahvelous. (And tell me he doesn’t know it, too, Jackie?;))

    Okay, now on to the thank yous….You are such a sweetheart to show such kindness to my novel. What’s more, the shout out to Olive has made my day. She’s been struggling lately with her back legs (damn 14 year-old joints!)

    Hugs to you both from both of us.


    1. The sweater certainly lends Reggie an air of sophistication. He liked it so much he slept in it!
      I can’t wait to dig into Little Gale Gumbo! I hope everything is going well this first week and wish you much success in the weeks to come!


  4. Reggie is so cute in his new sweater. And the expression on his face slays me. 🙂
    What are the two reasons for an empty car? Not being a city dweller, my mind is going all over the place, with this one.
    Cangro crack?? Obviously somebody REALLY likes you.


    1. I think they like me for all the wrong reasons, Cynthia! LOL!
      I’ll post the 2 reasons for an empty subway car a little later. Give folks a chance to ponder a bit longer. 🙂


  5. Oooo! Oooo! I didn’t see this question the first time around.

    One reason HAS to be that the AC isn’t working in that particular car.
    Second reason…I’m thinking something foul-smelling…


    1. Congratulations, Erika! You get the gold star! And Olive gets a lifetime supply of pats.
      The only two reasons that a NYC subway car would be empty is
      1. No AC
      2. Someone is rocking some terrible BO.
      And if the car has no AC and a BO situation, fumigation may be in order.


  6. I love that sweater!! And blue is definitely Reggie’s color! And I just finished Erika’s book — very very good! 🙂 Don’t start it unless you have time to read all of it in short order… it’s that kind of book! (no guess on the subway car because I’m certain I know the answer….ewww.)


    1. I can’t wait to read Erika’s book! What a rousing endorsement. I’m in the midst of A Good Hard Look right now. Have you read it? If you like Flannery O’Connor’s writings you’d enjoy this novel. It’s a fictionalized account of a period in her life.


  7. Oh Reggie looks so sweet. Blue suits him.
    Erika’s book has a lovely cover. Puts you in a holiday mood.
    I don’t have all that many weird search terms, a few maybe. I find it scary that there are some people who put in a whole sentence that I wrote in a blog post and look for it. And not something I quoted but something I wrote. It happens quite often.
    “Cangro crack”. lol.
    I have no experience with food trucks at all…


    1. I’ve had a few of those search terms too. Someone has entered an exact phrase I wrote. I agree with you – I’m not sure why it feels creepy, but it does.
      I love the cover of Little Gale Gumbo also. I think the designer did a great job of conveying the feeling of the story.


  8. Love Reggie’s new coat. Lotte has a bright red one that is waterproof too.
    I don’t know enough about search engines to find what tags people have searched to land on my site. Sometime I shall have to find out how to do it. Looks as if you have some interesting readers if their searches are anything to go by.
    And just popping over to Erika’s blog. 🙂


    1. I like the idea of the waterproof coat. Reggie has long fur so it takes quite a while to dry.
      I’m a bit afraid to think about what these folks were really searching for when they came to my blog, and I wonder if they found it!


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