Spooky Friday Five

My neighborhood gets all decked out for Halloween, even more so than Christmas.  Come along with me as we take a peek into the ghoulish and ghastly, the sweet and sassy.

1. The Hanging 

2. The Confused

What's with the "snow" on the hedges?

Notice the smiling kitty face on the pumpkin next to the RIP grave marker.

3. The Goldilocks

4. The DIY

5. The Creepy


The Less Is More

The I Didn’t Want to Decorate But My Wife Made Me Do It

The Jacob Marley

Does your neighborhood go all-out for Halloween? What is the craziest decorations you’ve seen? 

For my tale about trying to get home from the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, read You Can’t Get There from Here.



  1. The newest trend I’ve noticed around here is Halloween Christmas lights. Strings of Christmas-like lights, but in black and orange.
    I just love it when folks decorate for the seasons. I don’t do much of it myself (the less is more camp, I guess) but I do enjoy looking at everyone else’s decor. Fun photos, Jackie 🙂


    1. I noticed a few houses with those kinds of lights here, too. They also come in the shape of skulls, which is pretty festive. 🙂
      Everyone seems to have the gauzy spider webbing draped over their stoops and doors. I noticed that it comes in green and purple!


  2. Jackie, these are such fun. I applaud all the antics–well-intentioned, certainly–but loved your commentary most of all.

    I agree with Cynthia on the xmas lights–those are big around here too.

    But I eat it all up, I really do.


    1. It is fun! Like Cynthia, I don’t decorate for Halloween. We don’t get trick or treaters, so it doesn’t seem worth the effort, but I enjoy walking through the neighborhood and seeing a stump of an arm hanging through someone’s mail slot. 🙂


  3. Too cute. Actually, not a lot of decorations in my neighborhood, so I have seen nothing extreme. However, the lack of Halloween decor may be weird in its own right. Happy Halloween, Jackie.


    1. If you like these, wait until you see the Christmas decorations!
      I just read about Quantas being grounded. What’s up with that?


    1. I am beyond lame when it comes to decorating. I have no crafting skills whatsoever, unless you consider tracing my hand in the shape of a turkey on construction paper a skill.


    1. The buildings are lovely around here. This neighborhood is somewhat of an historic district with brownstones dating back to the1880s. I need to take some more photos of the buildings themselves. I think you would enjoy it.


  4. Hmm, I guess it depends on Wikipedia’s definition of “all over the world. 🙂
    PS – my friend is having a wonderful time in South Africa right now. I think she’s heading to the Kalihari tomorrow.


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