Friday Five

Welcome to the staycation edition of the Friday Five.

I had a few vacation days I had to use before the end of the year. With a lot of projects swirling around I stayed put to Be Productive. I’ve decided I would like to be on permanent staycation. Can someone arrange this?

If I was on permanent staycation:

1. I still would not clean behind my refrigerator. But I did do some heavy-duty scrubbing while I was home. I cleaned the oven, my sock drawer, the filing cabinet and even Reggie. I’ve been on a de-cluttering kick ever since The Minimalists wrote the Shine guest post. There is something really satisfying about straightening up, even if it only lasts 24 hours. It’s the thought that counts.

2. I would spend most of my disposable income at The Strand. The Strand is an awesome bookstore, located just off Union Square. It’s a rarity these days. Once Coliseum Books closed a few years ago, The Strand became the last major indie shop in the city.  I wonder how many times I can use the word awesome in one paragraph. It is four floors of books covering every genre and topic imaginable. They buy used/rare books, so you can find absolute treasures that have been squirreled away in some old lady’s basement for decades like a first edition copy of The Great Gatsby signed by Fitzgerald himself. I could spend hours wandering the shelves. After aforementioned cleaning spree, I brought a big stack of books to sell and promptly bought the equivalent in new books. You gotta give to get, I say.

3. I would become a “lady who lunches.” I picked some of my favorite spots: Le Pain Quotidien, City Bakery, Balthazar. Sometimes I had the company of a good friend and sometimes I had the company of a good book. It felt so…civilized.

4. I would not exercise any more than I already do. Oh, I had B-I-G plans. I was going to yoga every single day. I was going to run in the park every single day. I was going to dust my bike off and dig that helmet out of storage and cruise around the neighborhood. I was going to take that pilates class I’ve been meaning to try. I was going to sign up for the kickboxing/tae kwon do/jujitsu/krav maga combo class. I didn’t do any of those things. I think I stretched for five minutes on Tuesday.

5. I would become the “Norm” of my neighborhood coffee shop. After the kerfuffle surrounding my trip to Woodstock, I was left with a lot of pages to edit on my novel. Pages I thought that would have been done by now. Staycation to the rescue! I was a regular at the coffee shop. I had a “usual.” I had a reserved seat. I just wanted to go to a place where everybody knows my name. And they’re always glad I came.

Have you ever taken a staycation? What activities did you have planned? 



  1. Loved this post, Jackie–probably since Sara and I are on semi-permanent staycation until we head out again to God-knows-where. I spend all-day, every day writing, which is work–but the best kind, and I do it from home–or the coffee shop. And, God, I’m relieved to hear you stretched on Tuesday–and for a WHOLE FIVE MINUTES–BIG TIME!


    1. You gotta do what you gotta do to stay in tip-top shape.
      I love that you spend your days writing. So glorious. I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll get to read it.
      Best wishes!


  2. Jackie, “staycations” are great for doing what you want to do and not always for what you think you should be doing 🙂 I need one soon so I can spend hours looking at all the catalogs I’m collecting! Love the “lady who lunches”…You have such great places to do that in New York and it must be so chic to do that by yourself!



    1. It’s fun to experience a different lifestyle for a little while and take a little break from the usual hectic pace. I love what you wrote about staycations are for doing what you want to do and not what you think you should be doing. Three cheers to that!


  3. I used to love my staycations prior to my son’s arrival. Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, staycation kind of just feels like a normal Tuesday (heavy on the PineSol, extra diapers). We’ve made a habit of taking tiny “poor man’s” vacations to nearby spots and that’s just enough of a break for me!


    1. “Poor man’s” vacation! Too funny, Tori! That’s exactly what my “staycation” was. 🙂 I tried to convince myself that it was a fabulous chance to explore my neighborhood more…


    1. I love that you’d go hiking on your staycation. I enjoy hiking whenever I can. I didn’t really get to hike this time around, unless you count the cemetery I visited. More on that on Monday! 🙂


  4. I’m so filled with envy, Jackie. I want a staycation. It sounds wonderful (and funny)! Love that you mention the things you did not do, along with those you actually did. The sign of a truely honest soul.
    Hope that five minute stretch did wonders. 🙂


    1. At first, I balked about taking the time off if I wasn’t going out of town. What was the point? Now I’m completely convinced. I’m a staycation convert!


  5. I’ve also been giving myself a big break on the exercising – I’m happy when I take a walk with friends or ride my bike for errands – that’s been the extent of it lately. So love the feel of this post! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Carla! This year, I’ve been trying to give myself a break and not beat myself up over things like exercising. Sometimes I’ve been able to let it go, but more often than not I have to take a deep breath and remind myself. Hey, at least I stretched! 🙂


    1. My favorite lady who lunches places are little cafes. There’s usually a nice buzz of activity and the food is light and tasty. But if someone wanted to take me to Le Bernadin, I would be more than happy to lunch there! 🙂


  6. I love The Strand! It was overwhelming at first, but so wonderful. Every time I look at my Strand book bag, I smile.

    Staycations are great for doing the stuff you don’t have time for when you’re working. I’ve cleaned behind refrigerators, but only because I used to move a lot. Don’t feel guilty–moving that fridge could damage your floor. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.


    1. When I was at The Strand I saw a cute book bag with images of dogs all over it. I was so close to getting it. 🙂
      Thanks for that very important reminder about the kitchen floor. Wouldn’t want to do anything to damage it. Whew!


  7. This sounds wonderful! And what a place to have a staycation — I especially love being the “Norm” and/or the idea of being a “lady who lunches,” and whatever you were eating looks fabulous! I was trying to figure out what you were reading on the Kindle, too, to no avail….


    1. Staycations are great, I’ve decided. I’ve sometimes had a day here or there, but never this much time.
      I think you would love The Strand. It’s so much fun just to browse the stacks. Before you know it hours have gone by!


  8. “I didn’t do any of those things. I think I stretched for five minutes on Tuesday.” I laughed so hard at that.

    Cleaning would be last on my list during a staycation, though I am certain I’d do my best to clean prior to the staycation. (Am I the only one that cleans the house before going on vacation?)

    Gosh. A prolonged staycation… what would I do? I haven’t a clue. I should investigate and find out.

    Happy weekend, Jacquelin!


    1. I think you need to elevate this to priority one, Lenore. I’d love to hear what you’d do on a staycation.
      I have to admit, I usually clean before I go on a proper vacation, too. It’s nice to come back to a clean place.


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