Friday Five

1. Move over eHarmony. Meet & Seat is here. KLM Airlines is launching Meet & Seat to let you take the awkwardness of a first date and extend it to 6 or 7 hours of a trans-Atlantic flight. Before committing to a long term relationship, if you want to know what your potential mate would look like after a red-eye with unwashed face and morning breath, this program is for you!

Since one of my flights to Amsterdam will be on KLM Airlines, I’ve been offered the opportunity to “pick seatmates by checking out social media profiles of fellow passengers who link to their profiles during check-in.” By linking my FB or Twitter profile, others can sit next to me if we have similar interests. (Mom, are you behind this?)

I wonder if I can find a seatmate with the profile of “likes to plug in iPod and nap on long flights.”


2. Dog Tease. You may have seen this YouTube sensation already, but I couldn’t resist posting it. Here’s what happens when someone eats this poor dog’s bacon treats. 😉

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3. Day 592 of mortgage refinance. I. Might. Close. Next. Week. When this process started I was insuring my cave against dinosaur attacks. The bank is finally feeling the heat. Stay tuned.


4. Call me, Lionel. The folks over at Mental Floss have a way with funny useless flyers. Like this one. Check out 11 more here.

image from


5. Guerilla Valentine. This is one Valentine’s Day tradition I can get on board with. You may remember Patience Delgado from a Shine post a few months ago. She’s taking her Guerilla Goodness campaign right to the heart of Valentine’s Day by spreading notes of kindness to remind people they are lovable.

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How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Will you do anything special? 

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. J & R, I always look forward to your Friday Five’s because I know there are always treats in store. Thank you for these gems. It’s been one of those mornings of missing Olive especially much and that clip made me laugh through my tears so I send you both a big hug of thanks for that.

    (And sending you lots of good thoughts for your refinancing to come through!)


    1. The Reginator and I think about you often. I always give him two pats: one for me and one for Olive. And this morning he got two carrots. (He’s keeping an eye on his figure because he’s got to look good for Kitty.)


  2. Ha! Those flyers are hysterical.
    I have seen the dog tease…it’s so funny and cute I couldn’t stop watching it the first time I saw it on FB. It’s classic!
    Thanks for making me smile this morning. Have a great weekend, Jackie!


    1. There is another poster featuring a pigeon on the Mental Floss site that also cracks me up. Glad it brought a smile to your face, Cynthia.


  3. The Lionel poster/flyer is awesome, Jackie! Hysterical!
    And the dog… Oh my gosh, I literally cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen it. I laugh every time. “Yeah? And then what?” “Noooo!”

    You will write about your flight, right? Please? Oh to be a fly on the wall during that flight and other meet and seat flights. (Great idea, actually.)
    Congrats on the refi! Well, official congrats will come when the close actually takes place… hopefully before I turn 50. (smile)

    Have a great weekend!


    1. I love that video clip, too. I’m laughing just reading your quote: “Yeah? And then what?” “Noooo!” Poor guy. I hope he got some bacon at the end of the clip.


  4. Never heard fo anything like what KLM offers before. Why not?
    The dog video remonds me of the one with the dog who stole the cat treats. Have you seen that? It’s equally funny.
    Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated in Switzerland at all. They tried introducing it, guess they wanted to make a bit of money, just like with Halloween. Both didn’t work. Nobody buys anything related to the one or the other.


    1. Valentine’s Day is quite a big business indeed. It’s Do you have something equivalent?
      I haven’t seen the video of the dog who stole the cat treats. I’ll have to search for that one.


  5. I haven’t seen the dog video yet — HILARIOUS!! And the poster is funny too. Good luck with the refinance; so incredibly frustrating! Hope the seat mate turns up something interesting, even if your mom is behind it …. speaking for moms everywhere, SOMETIMES we have good ideas 😉


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