April Fools’ Day Way or No Way

Time for the second annual April Fools’ Day Way or No Way post. In honor of today, I’ve listed 5 things about me which may or may not be true.

Give me a way or a no way on each of the statements below. Then on Friday, I’ll post the answers. And…go!

1. I once flew threw the air on a trapeze a la Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

2. I have had a six-foot boa constrictor wrapped around my neck. And I liked it.

3. I was part of a group that won a physics competition, beating out a National Science Foundation scholarship recipient.

4. I was named Homecoming Queen in high school.

5. I was interviewed on an NPR (National Public Radio) program.

Come back on Friday for the answers, and in the meantime, check out last year’s April Fools’ Day Way or No Way post.



  1. 1. Way
    2. Way
    3. Way
    4. Way

    I think you are a remarkable person and I BELIEVE ALL of this…….
    I think that makes me an April fool!

    Actually, Way on the first 4.


  2. I believe all of them–except maybe the boa constrictor because it sounds like a red herring… But here’s a believe it or not about me…. I’m married to an April Fool’s Baby…. true? Or not? I’ll tell you Friday 🙂


  3. These are great! Honestly, not knowing you at all in the real world, I could ‘see’ you doing all of these things. How is that for logic?! (smile)
    I’m going with: Way, no way, way, way, no way, way. But again, I would not be surprised to find you had done all of the above.


  4. I’m thinking “way” for all of them too.
    I am terrified of snakes, so if the boa constrictor story is true, I bow down before you. But didn’t you worry about being suffocated?? On second thought, I’m with TBM.


  5. I have NO clue – can remember being horribly wrong with last year’s guesses. Given your adventurous spirit (cycling in the Everglades!) I’ve realised that absolutely anything is possible where you are concerned . . . 🙂


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