Friday Five: April Fools’ Day Results

I loved reading all of your guesses for the Second Annual April Fools’ Day Way or No Way post. Now, time for the results!

1. I once flew threw the air on a trapeze a la Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

No Way. Apart from watching several Cirque du Soleil shows, this scares the bejeezus out of me. That’s not to say I wouldn’t give it a go. A local trapeze school (the same one Carrie Bradshaw used in SATC) offers lessons and I might just take them up on it. Anyone out there tried it?  Who’s with me?

2. I have had a six-foot boa constrictor wrapped around my neck. And I liked it.

Way. When I was a kid, somehow we ended up at Lizard World or some such wildlife park. They aren’t as slimy and slithery as you might think.

3. I was part of a group that won a physics competition, beating out a National Science Foundation scholarship recipient.

Way. I know. I was as surprised as you. This is the last thing you’d expect from a girl who doesn’t know her quantum from her vector.

4. I was named Homecoming Queen in high school.

No Way. It’s doubtful the Homecoming Queen even knew my name. No, no. I was more like the girl (played by Ally Sheedy) in the movie The Breakfast Club who draws a picture and then uses her own dandruff to simulate snow. Except that I couldn’t draw.

This clip reminds you what it was like to “pass time” before smart phones. In case you haven’t seen this movie- it’s about five teenagers with nothing in common stuck in Saturday detention together. (The video is marked for mature audiences, but don’t worry, nothing you haven’t seen or heard on regular tv since this movie came out in 1985.)

5. I was interviewed on an NPR (National Public Radio) program.

Way. When The Subway Chronicles was published, I was lucky enough to snag a spot on The Brian Lehrer Show, a local NYC program. They’d called the night before to let me know a spot had opened up the next day, and could I be at the studio first thing in the morning? It was quite hectic because I had to find several authors to go with me. But what a thrill. I got to see the inside of a working radio station, don the heavy earphones and watch red lights on the board pulse as I talked into the microphone. I don’t know how people go on the air every day and remain calm.

How close were you in your guesses? Don’t forget to check out last year’s April Fools’ Day Way or No Way post and find out if  Neil Patrick Harris and I really are BFFs.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. For whatever reason, I gave 6 answers. (I do not win math challenges.) If you take away the first answer I gave – I got all of them right. I knew it! Totally called it. Nailed each and every one. Again, just ignore the fact that I added an extra one, OK? 🙂
    Happy weekend, Jackie!


    1. An A for effort, Kathy!
      Being on NPR was a lot of fun. I’m just glad I didn’t have to listen to myself. 🙂
      Please have a chocolate bunny for me this weekend.


  2. I missed three. Thought homecoming queen was a bit frivolous for you, but didn’t want to offend any homecoming queens who might be reading.

    I have acrophobia, so you will never find me near a trapeze. Ever.


  3. See now, if you’d told us WHEN you had that snake around you…If this was before Reggie came into your life, then sure, I might have said way 😉

    Now for the most important question: does Reggie like his Peeps fresh or stale?


    1. Ha!
      Reggie prefers his Peeps stale. The fresh ones are a bit chewy for his taste. Then he likes to wash them down with a jelly bean chaser.
      Happy Easter to you!


  4. I think the fact you’re willing to give number one a try means I should get at least a half-a-point for my guess there. Which means I only missed a point and a half! I can live with that Math!


  5. Fun post, Jackie!

    I love The Breakfast Club…and Pretty in Pink…and Sixteen Candles…and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Am I showing my age?

    Sorry about being such a stranger over here lately. I’m having a hard time keeping up with my reading and bascically everything else, too. 😉


    1. Here’s to the brat pack era, Nancy! Those were the days! 🙂
      I hope you’re squeezing in some time to work on your writing. Keep up the good work!


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