Spooky Friday Five

My neighborhood gets all decked out for Halloween, even more so than Christmas.  Come along with me as we take a peek into the ghoulish and ghastly, the sweet and sassy. For more, check out last year’s decorations.

1. The I-didn’t-think-this-through.

2. The 80’s-called. And it wants its video game back.

3. The Only-in-New-York. 

4. The Minimalist. 

5. The Edgar-Allan-Poe. 

Bonus 6. The Mr.-Pumpkin-Head. 

Bonus 7. The Ghoulish.

Bonus 8. The DIY.

Does your neighborhood go all-out for Halloween? What are some of the craziest decorations you’ve seen? 

For my tale about trying to get home from the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, read You Can’t Get There from Here.



  1. WOW, great photos! Which one is yours? 🙂 I have to say I’m a minimalist, but the house across the street from us goes for the macabre… replete with gravestones, hands coming out of the ground, bloody figures. It’s a little too much for me… every. single. day. (LOL about the “didn’t think this through…” haha)


    1. Ha! I’m not nearly that coordinated or organized to get decorations up for Halloween. 🙂
      There are some pretty gruesome looking decorations here too such as the “corpse” hanging from a 3rd story window. Though that may have to be taken down in light of the Frankenstorm coming our way. How appropriate for Halloween!


    1. You and me both!
      The webs are like batting (the stuff you use to insert into a pillow) and come on giant spools. As you can see it’s quite popular right now. People get the webs in all kind of colors that you don’t find in nature.


  2. So does Reggie bark at the ghouls? I wouldn’t blame him–they are scary! Olive used to:) Thank you for that tour, Jackie. I’m worried for you all with this damn storm heading your way. How’s the mood of everyone?


    1. Actually he doesn’t mind the ghoulish decorations, but he doesn’t like all the little kids wearing Darth Vader costumes. Yikes. One year a kid ran up to him wielding a light saber.

      I think everyone is holding their collective breath to see what happens over the weekend. Last year Hurricane Irene brought a lot of trees down and major flooding in NJ. Fingers crossed in your neck of the woods also. This is one big storm.


  3. Great collection, Jackie! The first one made me laugh out loud.
    Our new neighborhood doesn’t go all out, but our old one did. They even had a contest and it was like Christmas, only in black and orange.


    1. Halloween seems to bring out the creative side more than any other holiday, I think. It gives people permission to be more daring. If you think these decorations are fun, you should see some of the costumes! 🙂


  4. It’s a hodge podge here, some lawns with tombstones and skulls, and some homes with nothing (like mine) or just an electric pumpkin or some such. The extremely religious folks two doors down already have full on Christmas stuff out. I’m wondering if it’s some kind of statement in protest of Halloween – not everyone approves of the holiday, it would seem. But jeeze, we haven’t even had our turkey yet, and there’s a blinking Christmas tree on the front porch.
    Too funny 😀


    1. Christmas already? Now that’s early. I’ve seen some stores set up Christmas displays the day after Halloween, but your neighbor really has the jump on it. If they start caroling soon, let me know. I could work that into a story somehow. 🙂


  5. I’m finding they don’t really celebrate Halloween here in London. I see stuff in stores, but no decorations in my neighborhood. How do they get out of that door?


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