Birthday Pop Quiz

Today is my birthday! Shakespeare wrote, “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” The old wrinkles are coming anyway, so let’s see if we can add some mirth and laughter to the day.

Since it’s my big day I’m going to sit back and let you all do the work. Answer the following questions about things you’ve read right on this here blog. The first person to get all five right (or come closest) gets a virtual gift bag of swag: bragging rights, my undying gratitude, and, most importantly, a donation of $25 in his/her name to one of my favorite non-profit organizations, Best Friends Animal Society. Because, really, what better way to celebrate than to give back?

A little bit about Best Friends: Best Friends envisions a future with No More Homeless Pets. From their headquarters in Utah, where they operate the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary (home to nearly 1,700 dogs, cats, parrots, pigs, horses and more), Best Friends works with partners around the country to promote spay/neuter campaigns, put an end to puppy mills, fight breed-discrimination laws (BDL) and educate the public on trap-neuter-return programs for cats. Read about my volunteer trip to Best Friends. For more information, visit

Sharpen your # 2 pencils. And, as one of my math teachers used to say, “We’re not in Italy, so I don’t want to see any Roman eyes.” (Get it?)

See you all next week when I’ll announce the winner and some changes on the blog.



    1. Thank you! Reggie will definitely share in the festivities today. The non-chocolate ones, anyway. 🙂
      I saw a Boston Terrier yesterday and thought of Miles. I hope he and Atticus are living it up


      1. The sun is actually out today and they are sunbathing on the balcony. I think this crappy spring has put all of us in a funk. Hopefully the sun will stay this time.


  1. hope you have a Happy Birthday … I managed to get all five right, but I sort of cheated (had to look it up to confirm about Reggie, and I guessed on one of them and happened to hit the right answer … not sure if it was really a guess, or a distant faded memory of a post, but either way, it got me to the right answer). Many more happy birthdays to you.


  2. A very, very happy belated birthday to you, Ms. C!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!! 🙂
    Although – I am SO embarrassed now! I can’t believe I have to fess-up to this… but… I didn’t know what kind of dog Reggie is! YIKES! I hope you (and Reggie) can forgive me! That’s… well… that just REALLY seems like it should have been the easiest one for me to get right!!!


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