The One with the Happy Spring

I was inspired by Caitlin’s recent post over at Broadside listing 20 things that make her happy. I love this idea because I think it’s wonderful to be grateful for these small moments that can seemingly pass in the blink of an eye. A few years ago, I created a list of 50 things that make me smile, which is one of my most viewed posts. That is a more perennial list, so here are some reasons I’m thankful it’s spring:

  •  Taking Reggie to the park to run off leash
I'm on the scent.

I’m on the scent.

  •  Cat-sitting for my neighbor, who is on spring break, and appreciating the similarities and differences between cats and dogs
Feed Me.

Feed Me.

And now you may leave.

And now you may leave.

  •  Asparagus at the farmers market
  • Getting up at 5:30 every morning to write is much more pleasant now that It’s light outside.
  •  The view from my roof deck

Roof Deck

  •  Digging my summer clothes out of storage (hello, old friends)
  •  Not needing to wear gloves

Reggie and daffodils

  •  Open windows letting in a fresh breeze
  •  Mad Men is back
  •  Smorgasburg is back (Can’t wait to write a post about this.)
  •  Strolling along the Hudson River during my lunch hour

Hudson River Park

Hudson River

  •  Two words: flip flops
  •  Remembering Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez on the news of his death, and one of the best opening lines to a novel ever written:

Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendia was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice. ~One Hundred Years of Solitude

What are some things that are making you smile this spring?
Have a great weekend, everyone!



    1. When we were visiting Montreal last year, one of the wonderful excursions we made was to a sugar shack. It was about 1 hour outside of town. The syrup was delicious — and I think it tastes a bit different from the Vermont syrup.
      Thanks again for all your great tips about what to see and do in Montreal. What a great city!


  1. Wonderful things to rejoice in when spring is finally here. We are still a bit in that in between stage in Iowa when one day is springy and the next is wintery. Today looks sunny and hopefully warmer—we have plans for a short road trip so hopefully that will work out!


    1. He loves flowers 🙂

      I just heard a podcast about Toledo and these amazing pastries baked by cloistered nuns. You put the money in the window and the pastries come out by magic. What do you know about this? Tell me all!


      1. Thanks for that link! Now I have it on good authority that you go to the convent and knock on the window. When the nun answers (you don’t see her because she’s cloistered), then you leave the money in the slot in the window and she in turn leaves the sweets. Apparently there’s even a secret phrase. I love it. I’m coming over immediately!


  2. We have lots in common! I totally loved taking out my summer clothes–except that it got so cold here soon after. Mad Men–yup. AND, after hearing of Garcia Marquez’s death and reread all the parts of Love in the Time of Cholera I had highlighted, which was about 2/3 of the book. I was a Spanish major and spent my junior year of college in South America. I was VERY into him and several other Latin American writers.


    1. I last read One Hundred Years of Solitude in college, but I never forgot that opening line. I want to reread it and Love in the Time of Cholera because I think I would approach both stories differently now, so many years later.
      Happy Spring! I hope that you’re able to wear those summer clothes very soon!


  3. Goody! I love posts like this especially when t so many lovely things are mentioned.
    You have such a gorgeous view. And Reggie on scent hunt and, and.
    I should do one as well one day. I’m just happy that we had hardly any winter and spring started very early. Today we had sunny 27°C but with the fragrance of spring…


    1. It’s warm for you today! How lovely. I’ve been able to enjoy sitting on the roof deck when the sun is shining. I will enjoy every moment of it now because in the summer it’s usually too hot up there. 😉


  4. The first thing I love about spring after this past winter is no more snow, not having to wear snow boots or my down jacket and no longer fearing falling thanks to slippery invisible ice. I was in Central Park last weekend. People are boating on the lake and the trees are starting to bloom. I like that, too. Your list is excellent and Reggie looks as handsome as ever.


    1. People get a lot of spring fever around here, don’t they? I saw one woman wearing a tank top and shorts the other day. It’s not quite that warm yet.
      Reggie would thank you for that compliment, but he’s busy right now eating a tissue he found in the garbage can. 😛


      1. I have noticed that there are people who dress as if a season is in full bloom before it fully arrives. Do they think that if they wear a tank top and shorts when it’s 58, the weather is going to get the message and suddenly become 85?


  5. I love the early morning hours and the warm sun so late in the afternoon. Sitting in the yard with my dude. Now, if only it would stay wArm. I love watching my gal play ball, and of course my Red Sox . Spring rocks.


  6. I love this and started a similar blog (five things!) for Monday! If I’d had more than 5, asparagus, flipflops, daffodils and tulips definitely would’ve made it on. Your list excites me for spring and summer — which sadly is still only a dream as we barely have leaves here. Happy spring (Reggie looks amazingly happy)!


  7. Dude. You know I love this. I absolutely thought your 50 things that make you smile list was so awesome it inspired my own list, which I then realized had a lot of TV theme songs on it 🙂 I like your roof-top scene picture … I guess that might inspire me to get up at 5:30, but I don’t know … I’m so not a morning person. And Mad Men? Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Yes! I love that it’s back and did you see last night? What’s up with Joan and Peggy hating on Don? What is that about? That sort of burned me out.


    1. This week’s episode of Mad Men was so good. I loved the very last line when Don agrees to come back to the agency with all those stipulations, and you know that even though he agrees, he’s not really agreeing. Don Draper is back!


  8. Sorry to so late getting here. I’m trying to catch up, as we’ve had friends visiting from the US and have had to do hostess thing. I’ve hardly had time to turn on my computer.

    At any rate, I’m LOVIN’ the Reggie photos. And the view from your roof is to-die-for! OMG! Can you believe it’s already been a year since Sara and I got married in your fine city?!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    1. No worries Kathy! I hope you had fun with your visitors.
      I can’t believe it’s been a year. I saw V a month or two ago and we were saying the same thing. It really does feel like yesterday. Time flies!


  9. Miles loves flowers to, but I can’t let him get too close since he digs them up. He’s not normally a digger, but flowers get him going. The little things are the best


  10. I love animals too! 2 dogs & 1 cat. Love seeing other animal pictures. Very excited to be watching Mad Men again! You have inspired me too make my list…


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