The One With Halloween

My neighborhood gets all decked out for Halloween, even more so than Christmas. Let’s take a walk around the block and see what people have come up with this year.


The Low Maintenance


A few pumpkins…a few skulls…aaannnd we’re done.


The Ghoulish Jeeves


The black wreaths are a nice touch.



The Even-Skeletons-Need-A-Vacation


Maybe Jeeves can get them a margarita.










The I-Didn’t-Think-This-Through

Halloween webs

How will they get inside?


The Two-Cool-Pumpkins-and-I-Got-Tired



The Creepy


The eyes blink, sometimes independently of each other.



Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 13?


The Lost in Translation


The fresh mums don't scream spooky.

The fresh mums don’t scream spooky.


Does your neighborhood decorate for Halloween? What are some of the craziest decorations you’ve seen? 

Happy Halloween, everyone! 



  1. Can I join Jeeves and have a marg? And have you seen the people try to leave the I didn’t think this through one? Happy Halloween! Houses here don’t decorate, but many of the pubs do and that’s where I spend most of my time. I probably shouldn’t admit that.


  2. I’m with TBM!!! The skeletons need a drink in their hands! I have seen some pretty outlandish displays but not in my neighborhood. We are much more “high brow” with pumpkins and cornstalks and mums and not Halloweeny. 🙂 Tonight is Trick or Treat so we will see what comes to the door!


    1. Do you get a lot of trick or treaters in your neighborhood? Here, people tend to hang out on their stoops with bowls of candy, so the kids don’t have to go up the stairs to ring the doorbells. It like a block party! 🙂


  3. I can’t tell you how much I love this post! (You can see why on my blog.) Your neighborhood is fairly tasteful compared to my town, where the style seems to be Whole Halloween Store on the Porch. It’s all good.


  4. Oh my, those building are beautiful! The decorations are cool too.
    I used to live in a neighborhood that had a decorating contest each Halloween, but our new digs are a lot more laid back, thankfully. We have a big pumpkin that lights up, but it’s not real. If we carve too soon out here, the pumpkins go bad real fast. (77º here yesterday.)


    1. The brownstones are really lovely (even when they’re not ghoulishly decorated). Most of them date from the 1860s to 1880s. I think you’d love to photograph all the little details.

      I was never good at carving pumpkins. They would always cave in on themselves and get singed black from the candle. Your artificial pumpkin sounds like the way to go for me.

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  5. Very nice stroll. I’m definitely in the non decorating section of my neighborhood. However, last night the little ghosts and goblins liked my peaceful, simplistic home as the house across from us was rather gruesome with bloodied childlike dummies swinging from trees and motion sensored screams.


  6. What a great neighborhood! We live in the middle of nowhere and the only decoration done at my places is the thousands of webs added on the front of the house by the bazillion spiders that live around me. Naturally creepy.


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