The One With the Macaron

As if I needed an excuse to eat sweets, it was Macaron Day in NYC. It’s a wonderful day when bakeries around the city offer free macarons. Why do they do this? Ours is not to reason why. Free. Macarons. My co-workers and I shamelessly hit up two bakeries on Bleecker Street during our lunch break and immediately inhaled the cookies.

Quick side note: Maybe you’re thinking of macaroons, the flourless, coconutty blob, and wondering what’s the big deal. I wouldn’t get off my couch for macaroons. These are macarons.

Perfect macaron

Ours had little emojii on them.

Ours had little emojii on them.

Colorful macarons

A rainbow of macarons

Since we’re on Bleecker Street, I thought I’d take you for a little walk around the neighborhood. Bleecker runs east-west through the West Village in Manhattan. We only have time to walk a small section today. Let’s start at one of the macaron places, Bisous Ciao.

Bisous Ciao

Love the reflection of the cab and the buildings in the window.

John's Pizzeria

This is a well-known pizza place with a classic New York-style slice.

Forgotten NY says this about John’s:

Part of Bleecker Street’s charm is the presence of longstanding businesses who have been supported by residents for decades, instead of impersonal chain stores. John’s Pizza has been here since 1929, enough time to craft a recipe that is recognized by many as NYC’s best pizza, though that honor is largely subjective. Original owner John Sasso learned the craft from NYC’s first pizzaiolo, Gennaro Lombardi, whose pizza place can still be found on Spring Street.

Blind Tiger

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street

The buildings in this area are fairly low profile, three or four stories tall.

Bleecker Street

Bleecker Street

I’d like to know where the M-E-N will be wearing these clothes in Manhattan.

Bleecker Street

I sense we're getting close to something important.

I sense we’re getting close to something important.

Ahh, Magnolia Bakery. Made famous on Sex and the City, Conan and others.

We’ve burned a lot of calories walking from the macaron place. I think we should stop in Magnolia and pick up a little something.

So many options.

So many options.

Magnolia 3

Let’s go with their signature cupcakes. I know cupcakes were so 2005, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Magnolia Bakery

The perfect beginning and end to a walk along Bleecker Street, if you ask me.

For more information about Bleecker Street, check out these sites:

Forgotten NY 

Ephemeral NY

Daytonian in Manahttan

Have a great weekend, everyone! 



  1. Yum, I love macarons! I had a lesson in making them with one of Latvia’s top pastry chefs – it’s much easier to eat them 🙂 Now prepare yourself for Hurricane Lady of the Cakes 🙂

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  2. OMG… My mouth is watering… So hungry… Cupcakes, pizza, macarons, (thanks for explaining the difference… and here I thought I was THE sugar connoisseur. I am not, as I’ve NEVER had a macaron in my 42 years of life)! Though, interestingly, my friend’s step daughter has just been hired as a baker for a macaron company in San Franciso that bakes in marijuana for medicinal use. Hmm. I’ll stay clear of those for sure (but they looked pretty, too).

    You bring up a sore point with me: the lack of mom ‘n pop shops in the country as a whole… I love that the local pizza joint hasn’t been overtaken by a Papa Johns, and that the shoe repair shop still has an OPEN sign on its door. We need more of that. And more macarons, of course. More macarons, please.


    1. I agree, Melissa! I love the neighborhood feel of the West Village and Bleecker Street. Though there used to be more mom and pop stores. In recent years, a few of the old throwbacks have been closing and replaced with some high-end brands. As long as the macaron places stay open, I’m happy. 🙂


  3. Glad I was eating as I was reading this post, but unfortunately it was not a macaron. Back in the day, outside John’s someone had drawn a picture of a slice of pizza with the message “no slices” because, as you probably know, you can’t buy pizza by the slice at John’s. Thanks to my massive gastrointestinal issues, I can no longer eat pizza, but I was wondering if that sidewalk message is still there. The next time you’re walking on Bleecker Street in front of John’s I urge you to look for it.


  4. This … was … awesome. The fact that you had a Macaron Day is blowing my mind. Those are sooooooo tasty and then you take me on a walk down Bleecker Street. LOVE IT. I hear on shows or movies about Bleecker Street and I just think it’s awesome. Reminds me of the You Got Mail movie with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Thanks for the tour and those cupcakes …. duuuuuude I don’t even want to say … … 🙂


  5. Love this! Never knew it was a thing. So, I can visit NYC for a taste of Paris? Do you think Macarons are the new cupcakes? I’ve never had a macaron, in fact my autocorrect keeps wanting to change it to macaroni. They look delicious.


  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the stroll, Jackie 🙂 I love an area with character, and I just kicked of my shoes in ‘Magnolia’. I’m stopping! 🙂 Sad confession, though. I have never tasted a macaron 😦


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the tour, Jo! I was inspired by your lovely Monday walks. I think yours are much more picturesque though. 🙂
      I hope you get to try a macaron soon. They are little pillows of heaven. 🙂


      1. I wonder if any kind soul’s bought me some for Easter? Just wishing, Jackie…. Have a lovely day! Feel free to link up with the walks any time, and thank you 🙂


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