Friday Five

It’s been too long since I’ve shared a Friday Five! Here are some things that caught my interest recently.

1.Someday, a two-minute video from The Minimalists.


2. Georgia O’Keeffe.  The Brooklyn Museum has put together a wonderful exhibit on Georgia O’Keeffe’s life and work. It is excellently curated, focusing on the connection between creativity, her strong sense of self, and place. Her first exhibition took place at the Brooklyn Museum in 1927, so it feels appropriate that her work return here all these years later.

This photo of her was taken by her husband, Alfred Stieglitz, in 1920. She was about 33. The placard states that Stieglitz preferred photographing her from a low vantage point “highlighting her audacity in dressing so that her gender was obscured or, one might say, appeared simultaneously male and female.”

The exhibit is open through July. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend it.


FullSizeRender (1)


3. My new BFF. Don’t ask me how I lucked out, but I attended a cooking demonstration hosted by Deb Perelman. Within minutes, Deb had me and forty other slightly crazed Smitten Kitchen fans laughing and clapping, feeling like we were old friends.

She seemed exactly like she does on her blog—charming and self-effacing and funny. When I got to speak to her one-on-one, I went all fan girl and told her that I made her pecan pie for Thanksgiving and the crust was delicious, all light and flaky, and browned perfectly, but I had a problem with the filling being too runny and what would she suggest to fix that, maybe a higher oven temperature or cutting back on the golden syrup and as long as I was on the subject, should I toast the pecans? It was that embarrassing. I took my sample slice of sour cream crumb cake and slinked off into the crowd.


4. Move over cronut, there’s a new sweet in town. Cookie Do sells just what you think—scoops of unbaked cookie dough. After being told by two bouncers at the door wearing headsets (no joke) that the line started waaay back around the corner, I wasn’t sure I was going to wait. The website says that when they’ve sold out, they close up shop for the day. I chanced it, and just as I was about to give up hope, I made it in. I got two scoops—peanut butter snickerdoodle and chocolate dream. Why spend an hour in line for something you can buy in tubes at the grocery store? Well…okay, I don’t really have a good answer for that, except to say that it was heavenly… little gobs of butter and crunchy bits of sugar with chocolate and peanut buttery deliciousness.

cookie do

5.Zen Pencils. I’ve enjoyed Gav’s comics over at Zen Pencils for a few years now. He is an illustrator who creates “cartoon quotes from inspirational folks.” In honor of Dr. Jane Goodall’s 82nd birthday on April 3 and Earth Day on April 22, I’m sharing one of my favorite Zen Pencils comics “The Power of One.” Below is a partial clip, and this link will take you to the complete comic in its entirety. While you’re there, also check out Gav’s latest comic dedicated to Frida Kahlo. I never realized just how much physical pain she endured for most of her life.



Coming soon: an interview with author Jill Santopolo. Stay tuned! 

Have a great weekend, everyone! 



  1. Hi, Jackie. It’s great to see your post. I’d love to see Georgia. Not sure we’ll be in NYC in time, though. I imagine the Botanical Gardens will soon be in full bloom. What a wonderful spot to be! Enjoy!

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    1. I think you would really enjoy the Georgia exhibit, Patti. I enjoyed viewing her clothes (that she made by hand) and some of her lesser-known works.

      Some of the cherry blossoms are starting to come in at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. I’m looking forward to seeing them in all their glory soon. 🙂

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  2. This is fabulous. Someday… I feel like the old guy at the end so I BETTER GET BUSY switching those lists. Wow, Deb Perelman! Cool! Did she answer? Did you figure out the problem with your pie? Loved all of this, Jackie! Happy spring!

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    1. Deb was completely gracious and didn’t seem put off in the least (but I’m sure a few minutes more and I would have been removed from the room for stalking). I’ll have to wait until next Thanksgiving to find out if the pecan pie problem is solved!. 🙂


  3. Jackie — Very interesting and inspiring post! Since you love O’Keefe, maybe someday (hmmm) you can visit her studio and ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. You will feel her inspiration everywhere. I too didn’t know about Frida Kahlo’s lifelong pain. And look at what she accomplished. Lorraine

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    1. The Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit has many photos of her taken at her NM ranch. It really inspired me to pay a visit there someday. Speaking of inspiration, she said that she bought the ranch because she was inspired by the black door. She was so taken by that door she had to have the ranch.


  4. It has been a while! Happy to see you here. So glad you waited in line to give us the full report. I wonder how long until the cookie dough concept hits Minneapolis. Ten years probably! Sad for us. Must be so delish. Oh and I saw Deb speak here once. She was so great! I’m LOVE that site.

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    1. That cookie dough took me back to my college days when we would sit in my dorm room and scoop it right out of the tube. The custom flavors the shop offers are much better than in those old tubes, though. 🙂 I hope a Cookie Do shop comes to Minneapolis soon!


  5. Man! I don’t know how I missed this post. I love your Friday Fives! Dude. So glad you posted and that I caught up with it 🙂 First off that Cookie Dough looks awwwwwwwwesome! I’m gonna have to scout the neighborhood to see if any of these opened up around here. LOVE that! Plus the cooking demonstration would have flipped me out! I love the Food Channel, you know when they’re actually cooking, I like to imagine that I can totally whip that dish up and I sooo love food so the fact that you went to that demonstration … dude … jealous. So jealous. I think anything you post that’s food related definitely gets a thumbs up from me! Have a great week.

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  6. What an interesting list! I have a special connection to Georgia O’Keefe; I used to live in New Mexico and when Florian and I visited, we went to her ranch in Abiquiu. There were donkeys by the driveway and we fed them Power Bars and popcorn!


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